What is Student Event Allocation?

The Student Event Allocation (SEA) is an opportunity for Registered Student Organizations to submit proposals for events and programs such as speakers, lectures, dance performances, etc. Proposals are submitted a semester in advance of the proposed program through TigerZone.

The Involvement Ambassadors score each proposal based on a rubric and decide if the organization should receive monetary allocation for their programs, as well as the amount of money, based on the program proposal.

In order for an event to be applicable for SEA funding it must meet the following criteria:

  1. The event must be free to attend for all U of M students.
  2. The event must be open to all U of M students
  3. The event cannot be a fundraiser.

If you have any additional questions about SEA funding, please email Rebekah DeBuse at radebuse@memphis.edu.