IT Resources for Emeritus Faculty

Once a faculty member has been granted the role of Emeritus in Banner, they will have access to a virtual University of Memphis desktop. This desktop will allow direct access to University software and on campus technical resources. This desktop will be accessible by visiting the umApps website and following the prompts to install the Citrix Receiver on a personal device. You will also need to install the VPN (Virtual Private Network) and install and authenticate with DUO multi-factor authentication.

citrix log in


Emeritus faculty can log in with their existing university credentials. They will then be prompted with an icon entitled “Emeritus Desktop”.

emeritus desktop

Clicking on this link will give the Emeritus faculty instant access to a University of Memphis desktop. University licensed applications are preloaded on this desktop and are available for immediate access. Software includes: Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, and University Site Licensed software, such as Statistical applications.

Access to this service is provisioned in accordance with University of Memphis policies and guidelines. In addition, access to University OneDrive accounts continue, and the University OneDrive accounts can be used with the virtual desktop. For further instructions on this or general usage questions, the following link provides additional documentation. To attach umApps to OneDrive, authenticate at kumo.memphis.edu (see pages 9-11 in documentation for detailed directions).

This desktop is immediately available to Emeritus faculty. However if you have questions regarding access or do not see the Emeritus desktop icon shown above, feel free to contact the Service Desk at 678-8888 or by emailing umtech@memphis.edu.

If a personal computer is needed to access a virtual desktop, an effort to provide a retired desktop can be requested from the College Dean. Supplies are not guaranteed, and the Request for Off-Campus Use of Equipment form will need to be completed with approval from the appropriate Dean.