Hooks Policy Papers

The  Hooks Institute Policy Papers use national conversations about critical civil and human rights issues as a starting point to discuss and propose solutions to, contemporary issues of race, class, public policy, and social justice. 

Printed copies of the Hooks Institute Policy Papers are available. Contact bhievents@memphis.edu for details.


Bending the Arc Toward Justice: Including the Excluded. 2017 Hooks Institute Policy Papers

Michael R. Duke, PhD. Immigrants in Small Cities: Opportunities and Challenges
Peter A. Kindle, PhD., CPA, LMSW. Welfare Dependency and Extractive Economies: Lessons Learned from Pine Ridge
Idia B. Thurston, PhD. Prioritizing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Lives in the Era of Resistance and Prejudicial Rhetoric
Nabil A. Bayakly,PhD. Memphis and Islam: Integrating Muslims and Islam into the Community Fabric
Daphene R. McFerren, JD; Elena Delavega,PhD, MSW. Executive Summary


Race, Class, and Social Justice in Memphis: A Call to Bridge the Great Divide. 2016 Hooks Institute Policy Papers

Charles A. Santo, PhD. Transportation, Urban Form, and Social Justice in Memphis
Simone Tulumello, PhD. The Long Way to a Safer Memphis: Local Policies for Crime Prevention Needs Structural Change
Eric Groenendyk, PhD. Ideology and Division: How We Got Here, How Do We Get Back? The Search for Unity
Daphene R. McFerren, JD; Elena Delavega,PhD, MSW. Executive Summary


A Call for Collective Action: Tackling Social Challenges in Memphis. 2014 Hooks Institute Policy Papers

Gregory Washington, PhD, MSW. What are the Social Conditions that Contribute to the Disproportionate Confinement of Young African-American Males in Memphis?
Elena Delavega, PhD, MSW. Pouring Water on the Wicked Poverty of the MidSouth: Educating a Quality Workforce
John Gnuschke, PhD. Fifty Years of Progress but Only Halfway Home