Hooks Institute Documentaries

Bejamin L. Hooks Duty of the Hour


One of the best ways to carry out the Hooks Institute's mission of teaching, studying, and promoting civil rights and social change is to hear the diverse voices of those who demonstrated courage and perseverance while demanding a more just nation. The Hooks Institute played a pivotal role in creating, funding, and supporting the documentaries featured here.

You hear the voices of seasoned activists, including Dr. Benjamin L. Hooks, Julian Bond, Maxine Smith, and Russell Sugarmon; the voices of those who were children, but were called upon to dismantle adult practice of segregation; national and local civil rights historian; and government officials including President Jimmy Carter, Senator Lamar Alexander, and Congressman Steve Cohen. These voices are a reminder of a past not to be repeated, the stories of heroes against all odds and a vision of a more just future to be created.

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