Hooks Policy Papers

The  Hooks Institute Policy Papers use national conversations about critical civil and human rights issues as a starting point to discuss and propose solutions to, contemporary issues of race, class, public policy, and social justice. 

Printed copies of the Hooks Institute Policy Papers are available. Contact bhievents@memphis.edu for details.


Climbing Out from Under the Rock: Restoring Civil Rights, Economics, and Social Justice in Memphis and the Nation

Daniel Kiel, JD. The Dangers of a Fragmented Educational Landscape in Shelby County
Demetria D. Frank, JD. Implicit Bias and Disproportionate Minority Contact in the Shelby County Juvenile Court System 
Daphene R. McFerren, JDElena Delavega, PhD. The Robots Are Ready! Are We? Automation, Race, and the Workforce
Ana L. Leech, MD. Race and Poverty: Disparities in Healthcare at the End of Life


Bending the Arc Toward Justice: Including the Excluded. 2017 Hooks Institute Policy Papers

Michael R. Duke, PhD. Immigrants in Small Cities: Opportunities and Challenges
Peter A. Kindle, PhD, CPA, LMSW. Welfare Dependency and Extractive Economies: Lessons Learned from Pine Ridge
Idia B. Thurston, PhD. Prioritizing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Lives in the Era of Resistance and Prejudicial Rhetoric
Nabil A. Bayakly,PhD. Memphis and Islam: Integrating Muslims and Islam into the Community Fabric
Daphene R. McFerren, JD; Elena Delavega,PhD, MSW, Executive Summary


Race, Class, and Social Justice in Memphis: A Call to Bridge the Great Divide. 2016 Hooks Institute Policy Papers

Charles A. Santo, PhD. Transportation, Urban Form, and Social Justice in Memphis
Simone Tulumello, PhD. The Long Way to a Safer Memphis: Local Policies for Crime Prevention Needs Structural Change
Eric Groenendyk, PhD. Ideology and Division: How We Got Here, How Do We Get Back? The Search for Unity
Daphene R. McFerren, JD; Elena Delavega,PhD, MSW. Executive Summary


A Call for Collective Action: Tackling Social Challenges in Memphis. 2014 Hooks Institute Policy Papers

Gregory Washington, PhD, MSW. What are the Social Conditions that Contribute to the Disproportionate Confinement of Young African-American Males in Memphis?
Elena Delavega, PhD, MSW. Pouring Water on the Wicked Poverty of the Mid-South: Educating a Quality Workforce
John Gnuschke, PhD. Fifty Years of Progress but Only Halfway Home