The undergraduate Literature program is designed to familiarize students with many areas of English, American, and European literature. The Literature curriculum offers a full range of approaches, from the study of historical periods and genres to the most recent developments in literary criticism and theory.

In addition to the English Major requirements and electives, Literature majors must choose 12 hours of Literature courses: ENGL 3100-3119 (only in literature), 3211-3215, 3221-3224, 3325-3401, 3404, 3701, 4001 (only in literature), 4230-4472, 4711.

Typically students take 6 hours of 3000-level Literature and 6 hours of 4000-level Literature.

Neither ENGL 4900 or 4996 can be counted toward the Literature concentration total hours.

Program Notes:

No more than 3 hours of African American Literature courses (ENGL 3325, 3326, 4372, 4373, 4374) may be applied to the Literature concentration.

See the 2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog - English (B.A.) for more information about the Literature degree program.