Changing Personal Data

Students wishing to change their names, SSNs, or addresses on their University records should take the steps outlined below.


To change your name on your records at the University of Memphis, complete the Request for Name Change on Official University Record form. Submit this form and any required supporting documents to the Registrar’s Office. If you have questions about changing your name, contact us.

You may submit your request in one of the following ways:

In Person:  003 Wilder Tower (A picture ID is required.)     

Fax:  901.678.3249

            Registrar’s Office / ATTN: Transcripts Supervisor / 003 Wilder Tower
            University of Memphis / Memphis, TN 38152-3520

Social Security Number (SSN)

If the Social Security Administration has assigned you a new SSN, you can update your academic records with the new number by providing proof of your identity and the SSN change:

In Person:  Same as “Name” above.

FAX:  FAX a letter of request, a copy of your SSN card, and any other supporting documentation to 901.678.3249.

Mail:  Send a letter of request, a copy of your SSN card, and any other supporting documentation the Registrar’s Office (address above).


You may view all of the following addresses using the portal, and update all except for Campus Box.

To update an address, login to the portal and click on "Update Addresses and Phones" in the Personal Information channel.

Every 90 days, the University verifies student addresses with the US Postal Service (USPS). Your Mailing and/or Local addresses may be updated from the USPS file. You might notice slight format changes in your addresses based on this update.

Address Types and Update Information

Campus Box

This is a campus PO Box that you rent through Mail Services; it receives top priority when the University mails you important information.

You cannot update your Campus Box. However, when you no longer need the box, you should contact Mail Services to request that the box be closed as well as to leave a forwarding address as well.

Mailing Address

If you have no Campus Box, this address receives top priority when the University mails you important information. It can be a PO Box as well as residence.

  • International Students - If you use a PO Box as a Mailing address and do not live in a Residence Hall, you MUST also supply a Local address (see below).
  • Student Family Housing Residents - Use your Student Family Housing address as your Mailing address.

Local Address

This is your Memphis area address--where you live while enrolled. It must be a physical address, not a PO Box.

  • Domestic Students - You may have a Local address if you do not live at your Mailing address.
  • International Students - You must enter and maintain a Local address if your Local residence does not match your Mailing address.

Next-of-Kin (NOK) Address

You can maintain two NOK addresses for relatives the University can contact.

Only addresses can be updated. If you need to update the person and/or relationship listed, you must contact Student and Faculty Services at (901) 678-2810, 003 Wilder Tower.

Emergency Contact Address

This is the address of someone the University can contact in an emergency.