Faculty Publications

  • Ayanna Adams
    P is for Posession
    Ayanna Adams, English
  • Darryl Domingo
    Rhetoric of Diversion in English Literature and Culture, 1690-1760
    Darryl P. Domingo, English
  • David Dye
    New Deal Archaelogy in Tennessees: Intellectual, Methodological and Theoretical Contributions
    David Dye, Earth Sciences
  • Curt Fields
    The Camp Chase Gazette
    Curt Fields, History
  • Curt Fields
    The Banner
    Curt Fields, History
  • Aram Goudsouzian
    Goodbye, Antoura
    Aram Goudsouzian (editor), History
  • Thomas Hagen
    Dynamical Systems, Number Theory and Applications
    Thomas Hagen, Mathematical Sciences
  • Daniel Larsen
    Paying Attention to Mudrocks
    Daniel Larsen, Earth Sciences
  • Dennis Laumann
    Colonial Africa, 1884-1994 (Arabic Translation)
    Dennis Laumann, History
  • Ivan Ortega Santos
    Focus-related Operations at the Right Edge in Spanish: Subjects and Ellipses
    Ivan Ortega Santos, Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Darron Smith
    When Race, Religion, and Sport Collide
    Darron Smith, Sociology
  • Stephen Tabachnick
    Drawn From the Classics: Essays on Graphic Adaptations of Literary Works
    Stephen Tabachnick (editor), English
  • Deborah Tollefsen
    Groups as Agents
    Deborah Tollefsen, Philosophy