Faculty Research Grant Awards

Dan Baker, Chemistry

$6,000, "Lipid Kinases: Activity Determination and Inhibitor Identification

Jason Braasch, Psychology

$5,600, "Overcoming Misconceptions about Childhood Vaccinations"

Su Chen, Mathematical Sciences

$4,900, "A New Robust Estimation of Location Parameters"

Andrew Daily, History

$6,000, "The Cultural Politics of Place in Postwar France and the Caribbean"

Stephanie Huette, Psychology

$6,000. "Learning with negation: The Origins and Conceptualization of Unintended Semantic Associations with Linguistic Negation"

Dennis Laumann, History

$6,000, "A History of Ghana in the World

Prabhakar Pradhan, Physics

$6,000, Delay Time Spectroscopy Development for Ultra‐early Cancer Detection"

Kas Saghafi, Philosophy

$4,500, "Jacques Derrida on Sacrificial Economy—East and West"

Deborah Tollefson, Philosophy

$4,500, "Collective Epistemic Agency"