2016 Faculty Research Grant Awards

Melanie Conroy, Ph.D., (FL&L), $6,000, "Salons: A Digital History"

Evelyn Fogle, Ph.D., (ENGL), $5,475, "Gender, Language, and Migration: How Russian Mothers' Migration Paths Intersect with Children's Language and Learning"

Gene Plunka, Ph.D., (ENGL), $6,000, "Resurrected Corpses: Stage Representations of Holocaust Survivor Trauma and Its Effects on the Second Generation"

Dale Bowman, Ph.D., (MATH), $6,000, "A Bayesian Analysis to Identify Genomic Variables with Biologically Interesting Patterns of Association with Multiple Discrete and Continuous Endpoints"

Ramin Homayouni, Ph.D., (BIOL), $6,000, "Role of Nipsnap1 in Mitochondrial Dehydrogenases"

Jennifer Mandel, Ph.D., (BIOL), $6,000, "Comparative Transcriptomics in Higher Order Floral Structures of the Daisy Family"

Youngsang Kwon, Ph.D., (ESCI), $6,000, "Mapping the Morphology of Urban Sprawl: A Pilot Study of The Memphis Metropolitan Region"

Junmin Wang, Ph.D., (SOCI), $6,000, "Can the State Foster Innovation? Economic Globalization, Technological Catching-up, and Indigenous Innovation in the Developing World"