BBA Actions Taken (2017)

These are the actions taken based on the results of the AoL cycle that ended in Fall 2017.

  • Action #1:  All FCBE faculty teaching BBA courses have been instructed to directly embed the BBA degree goals (learning objectives) in all course syllabi and to include a discussion of those learning goals with their students at the beginning every semester. This went into effect with the Spring 2018 academic semester in Fogelman.  Review/download the memo/instructions to implement Embedded Goals in Syllabi (Fall 2017)

  • Action #2:  The Fogelman AoL director has started an in-depth review of CTL methodologies (scoring methods, rubrics, etc.) at other AACSB institutions. Recommendations for potential changes will be presented to FCBE AoL Committees by Fall 2018.

  • Action #3:  An analysis of "where goals are taught" is being launched across the entire BBA program in FCBE with the purpose of ascertaining where each learning goal and objective is addressed on a department and course level basis. This effort is being launched in the Spring 2018 semester with a completion goal of Fall 2018.