BBA Degree: Assessment Highlights & Summary Information

The mission of the Fogelman College is to prepare students for meaningful and responsible participation in a broad range of career opportunities in business, government, and institutional settings, or for advanced professional or graduate education. 

To that end, the college strives to ensure that all graduates of the BBA degree:

  • are effective communicators in a variety of contexts,
  • possess the necessary critical thinking skills to solve the many complex problems they will face,
  • are knowledgeable about ethical challenges they will encounter in the course of conducting business,
  • are globally aware and can function effectively beyond the borders of the United States and North America, and
  • can proficiently use contemporary technologies to solve problems and support their business endeavors.

To ensure our program is fulfilling these goals for all of our students, the Fogelman College conducts regular and structured assessments of our BBA program consistent with AACSB guidelines.  Starting in AY 2017-18, the Fogelman College stepped up the assessment depth and structure as follows:

  • Close-the-Loop (CTL) analysis, reporting, and recommendation every three (3) years (previously a 4-year CTL cycle)
  • Data collection (assessment) across all learning goals and objectives a minimum of twice per CTL cycle (previously one set of assessment data per CTL cycle)

The impetus for these assessment enhancements came from a combination of changes mandated by AACSB and recommendations from college faculty to improve the value and quality of recommendations coming from the CTL process.  In addition, moving to a 3-year CTL cycle will accommodate assessment requirements from the university's regional accrediting body (SACS).  These enhancements were adopted in early 2018 and are to be used in future assessments of the BBA degree.

2016-17 Assessment & CTL Cycle

The college conducted and completed a full assessment & CTL cycle for the BBA degree over an 16-month period beginning in Fall 2016 and ending in December of 2017.  (The most-recent prior assessment of the BBA degree was completed in 2013.)  Data was collected in the Fall of 2016 across all learning goals and related objectives. Efforts were employed to maximize the quantity and quality of the assessment data by sampling a broad cross-section of sections and faculty. 


The CTL committee convened in the Spring of 2017 and completed their report in December of 2017. The full report of the BBA CTL committee is posted to this website.