BBA Degree Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: Graduates will be effective communicators.

  • Develop a clear and concise topic statement of the issues to be addressed.
  • Explain the approach taken to evaluate an issue relating to a business topic.
  • Summarize the results of the analysis of an issue in a clear set of conclusions.
  • Present the topic in a professional manner.

Goal 2: Graduates will demonstrate critical thinking skills

  • Present, assess, and analyze appropriate supporting data/evidence relating to the problem or issue.
  • Identify and assess conclusions, implications, and consequences that support decision making.
  • Identify the problem and then formulate a summary.

Goal 3: Graduates will be knowledgeable about ethical factors in the business environment

  • Identify a dilemma relating to a potentially unethical behavior.
  • Formulate stakeholders that are affected by a potentially unethical behavior.
  • Analyze alternatives and identify consequences that result from unethical behavior.

Goal 4: Graduates will be knowledgeable about the global business environment.

  • Demonstrate awareness of the economic, social and cultural environments within which international businesses operate.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the political and technological environments within which international businesses operate.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the legal, institutional and financial types of international transactions that are components of global business operations.

Goal 5: Graduates will be proficient users of business presentation and analysis technology.

  • Demonstrate analytical skills and technological expertise while developing and presenting business information.
  • Utilize internet technology to perform queries and searches to locate relevant and accurate information.
  • Use computer software tools to organize data for analysis to solve business problems.