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Safety and efficacy of a probiotic cocktail containing P. acidilactici and L. plantarum for gastrointestinal discomfort in endurance runners: randomized double-blinded crossover clinical trial
Sarah Lennon, Thomas Lackie,  Adriana Miltko, Zoey C. Kearns, Maxime R. Paquette, Richard J. Bloomer, Anyou Wang and Marie van der Merwe

The Effect of Short-Term NAD3® Supplementation on Circulating Adult Stem Cells in Healthy Individuals Aged 40-70 Years
Janine Hellenbrand, Richard J. Bloomer, Marie Van der Merwe

Mitochondrial dysfunction at the cornerstone of inflammatory exacerbation in aged macrophages
Rafael Moura Maurmann, Brenda Landvoigt Schmitt, Negin Mosalmanzadeh, Brandt D. Pence

Targeting metabolism through exercise and nutrition to rejuvenate an aging immune system
Brandt D. Pence

Navigating the Nomenclature of a Purported “Dietary Supplement”: A Cautionary Tale for Consumers and Practitioners Regarding Tianeptine or “Gas Station Heroin”
Keith R. Martin

Impact of Feeding Time and Duration on Body Mass and Composition in Young, Exercising Mice
Richard J. Bloomer, Marie van der Merwe, Melissa J. Puppa, Matthew Butawan 

The dietary supplement Cyplexinol® alleviates joint pain in men and women.
Jacquelyn Pence, Michelle Stockton, Richard J. Bloomer

Weight Loss and Improved Metabolic Health Meas-ures Using a One-Week Active Nutrition Jumpstart Program in Overweight and Obese Men and Women.
Richard J. Bloomer, Jacquelyn Pence, J. Davis, Michelle Stockton

Alpha Hope, via Molecular Hydrogen and Pyrroloquinoline Quinone, Dose-Dependently Increases Nrf2 and PGC-1α Levels in C2C12 Myoblasts.
RJ Bloomer, Y. Zhan, Y. Shirazi, C. Okegbe, J. Pence, K. Martin, J.Q. Timmcke, T.W. LeBaron

A topical botanical ointment relieves joint pain in men and women with hip and/or knee pain.
RJ Bloomer, JC Pence, R Morris Jr., M Stockton, A Signaigo

Caffeine and Methylliberine: A human pharmacokinetic interaction study.
G Mondal, YH Wang, Z Cathings, M Butawan, RJ Bloomer, CR Yates

The effects of intermittent fasting on markers of health: A narrative review
Maha Gasmi, Ruth Williams Hooker (Professor Emeritus), Ghazwa Ben Maaouia, Anis Ben Chikhad

Fasting Protocols Do Not Improve Intestinal Architecture and Immune Parameters in C57BL/6 Male Mice Fed a High Fat Diet
Raed Y. Ageeli, Sunita Sharma, Melissa Puppa, Richard J. Bloomer, Randal K. Buddington and Marie van der Merwe 

Tart Cherry Juice Reduces Plasma Triglycerides and CVD Risk Factor, But Does not Affect Indirect Measures of Insulin Resistance, in Overweight and Obese Subjects: A Randomized, Crossover Pilot Study
Keith R Martin, Jennifer Bopp and Lacey Burrell

Senescent macrophages alter fibroblast fibrogenesis in response to SARS-CoV-2 infection
Brandt Pence, Yufeng Zhang, Ivy Antwi and Theodore James Cory

Nitrate and human health: An overview. In: Nitrate Handbook: Environmental, Agricultural, and Health Effects, Advances in Trace Elements in the Environment
Martin, K.R. and Bloomer, RJ.

Impact of AmaTea® Max on physiological measures and gaming performance in active gamers: A placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomized study
Richard J. Bloomer, Keith R. Martin, Jacquelyn C. Pence

Exercise, Sport & Movement Sciences

Effects of a Dynamic Ankle Orthosis to Reduce Tibial Compression During Treadmill Walking Compared to a Clinical Walking Boot.
Johnson PA, DiAngelo DJ, Paquette MR 

Time to stability of treadmill running kinematics in novel footwear.
Paquette MR, Melaro JA, Smith R, Moore IS

Using wearable technology data to explain recreational running injury: A prospective longitudinal feasibility study.
Neal BS, Moore IS, McCarthy-Ryan M, Bramah C, Napier C, Paquette MR, Gruber AH

Do exercise-based prevention programs reduce injury in endurance runners? A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Wu H, Brook-Wavell K, Fong DTP, Paquette MR, Blagrove RC

Gender differences on the age-related distal-to-proximal shift in joint kinetics during running.
Kearns ZC, DeVita P, Paquette MR

Increasing load carrying or running speed differentially affect the magnitude, variability and coordination patterns of muscle forces.
van Waerbeke C, Willy RW, Jacques A, Bertona E, Paquette MR, Rao G

The influence of footwear longitudinal stiffness on running economy and biomechanics in older runners.
Beltran RT, Powell DW, Greenwood D, Paquette MR

External Loading of Common Training Drills: Ranking Drills To Design Progressive Return-To-Run Programs.
Goodson C, McLeod AR, Kearns ZC, Paquette MR

The influence of surface and speed and biomechanical external loads obtained from wearable devices in rearfoot strike runners.
Miltko A, Milner CE, Powell DW, Paquette MR

Increasing breast support is associated with a distal-to-proximal redistribution of joint negative work during a double-limb landing task.
Hailey B. Fong, Alexis K. Nelson, Deirdre McGhee, Kevin Ford, Douglas W. Powell

Increasing breast support is associated with altered knee joint stiffness and contributing knee joint biomechanics during treadmill running
Douglas W. Powell, Hailey B. Fong and Alexis K. Nelson

Influence of dynamic stretching on ankle joint stiffness, vertical stiffness and running economy during treadmill running
George M. Pamboris, Marika Noorkoiv, Vasilios Baltzopoulos, Douglas W. Powell, Tom Howes and Amir A. Mohagheghi

Greater Breast Support Alters Trunk and Knee Joint Biomechanics Commonly Associated With Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury
Hailey B. Fong, Alexis K. Nelson, Julie E. Storey, Jay Hinton, Melissa Puppa, Deirdre McGhee, Daniel Greenwood and Douglas W. Powell

Selection of Noninvasive Features in Wrist-Based Wearable Sensors to Predict Blood Glucose Concentrations Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Brian Bogue-Jimenez, Xiaolei Huang, Douglas Powell and Ana Doblas

Detection of foot contact in treadmill running with inertial and optical measurement systems
Reenalda J, Zandberger MA, Harbers JD, Paquette MR, Milner CE

Monitoring gait complexity as an indicator for running-related injury risk in collegiate cross-country runners: A proof-of-concept study
Gruber AH, McDonnell J, Davis JJ, Vollmar JE, Harezlak J, Paquette MR

Changes in training, lifestyle, psychological and demographic factors, and associations with running-related injuries during COVID-19
Holmes HH, Monaghan PG, Strunk KK, Paquette MR, Roper JA

A high fat western diet attenuates phasic dopamine release
Mary K. Estes, Jasric J. Bland, Kenya K. Ector, Melissa J. Puppa, Douglas W. Powell, Deranda B. Lester

Effects of Feeding Time on Markers of Muscle Metabolic Flexibility Following Acute Aerobic Exercise in Trained Mice Undergoing Time Restricted Feeding
Aaron Persinger, Matthew Butawan, Martina Faietti, Ashley Pryke, Kyley Rose, Marie van der Merwe, Richard J. Bloomer, and Melissa J. Puppa

Physical Education Teacher Education

Coach experiences during a pandemic: Navigating change in a challenging environment.
Layne, T., Simonton, K., Brunsdon, J., & Pavlovic, M.

Investigating middle school students' physical education emotions, emotional antecedents, self-esteem, and intentions for physical activity.
Kelly E. Simonton and Todd E. Layne

Toward the virtuous mover: a neo-Aristotelian interpretation of physical education
Jamie Jacob Brunsdon

Flourishing through The Spectrum: Toward an affective-oriented composite pedagogical model?
Jamie Jacob Brunsdon

Teacher perspectives on the Tennessee student growth measures in physical education.
Layne, T., Irwin, C., & Simonton, K.

Motivating students through content and curriculum models: Building a Sport Education Tactical Games Model (SETGM) unit on Spikeball.
Threatt, A., Simonton, K., & Layne, T.

Effects of a sport education instructional model and heart rate monitor system on the physical activity and jump rope performance of fourth grade students.
Layne, T., Simonton, K., & Irwin, C.

“My Methods Courses Feel Like Walmart”: Influence of Secondary Organizational Socialization on Early Career Faculty Members’ Implementation of PETE
Jamie Jacob Brunsdon and Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

‘We’re trying to produce serious educators’: impact of secondary organizational socialization on mid-career faculty members’ delivery of PETE
Jamie Jacob Brunsdon & Matthew D. Curtner-Smith

Physical Education Teacher Experiences Through the Lens of a Pandemic: Putting a Spotlight on Teacher Beliefs, Practices, Emotional Fragility, and Well-Being
Kelly L. Simonton, Todd E. Layne, Boone Brown, and Keith Loupe

Physical activity break program to improve elementary students’ executive function and mathematics performance.
Todd E. Layne, Yli-Piipari, S., & Knox, T

Parents shape their children’s physical activity during unstructured recess through intrinsic value the children possess.
Deng, Y., Hwang, Y., Todd E. Layne

Health Promotion

The Efficacy of Individualized, Community-Based Physical Activity to Aid Smoking Cessation: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Michelle B. StocktonKenneth D. Ward, Barbara S. McClanahanMark W. Vander Weg, Mace Coday, Nancy Wilson, George Relyea, Mary C. Read, Stephanie Connelly, and Karen C. Johnson

Determinants of smoking related weight-concern in smokers participating in a community-based cessation program
Cheri Kilmurray, Mark Vander Weg, Nancy Wilson, George Relyea, Barbara McClanahanMichelle B. Stockton, Kenneth D. Ward