Herff Advisory Councils

The Herff Advisory Council is a group of executives from industry and academia that have been assembled to advise the college on future direction, challenges and opportunities. The Council offers input on how the Herff College of Engineering can recruit outstanding faculty, set priorities, impact future technologies and obtain the additional resources necessary to bring the College to the next level of excellence. 

Department Councils

Biomedical Engineering

Bradley Bomar Crossroads Extremity System
Chris Chiavario Bioventus, LLC.
Dr. Chris Sabatino Triad Life Sciences, Inc.
Dr. Christopher J. Damien Stryker Trauma and Extremities
Dr. Connie Hall College of New Jersey
Dr. Daniel Bastardo Blanco St Jude Children’s Research Hospital 
Nikkia Dugas Wilson Medtronic Spine & Biologics
Dr Egleide Elene Smith & Nephew
Dr. Erika Dillard Popcheck Technologies, Inc.
Dr. Gary Bledsoe St Louis University
Dr Isaac Rodriguez SweetBio, Inc. 
Dr. Jerald Redmond  
Dr. Jolieke van Oosterwijk US Biologic
Dr. Jonathan McCanless Abbott Diabetes Care
Dr. Lawrence Boyd Restor3d
Dr. Mark Morrison Smith and Nephew
Dr. Ranganatha Sitaram St Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Dr. Richard Davidsen  Phillips Healthcare
Kelly Richelsoph MircoPort Orthopedics, Inc.
Gretchen Selders Medtronic Spine &Biologics
Sarah Stroup Microsurgical Technology, Inc.
Dr. Wayne Lipson Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare
Sean Wells Orchid Orthopedics
Dr. Wilburn Gene Reddick St Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Dr William Mihalko Campbell Clinic 
James Williams Smith & Nephew


Civil Engineering

Mark Askew, P.E. Askew Hargraves Harcourt & Associates, Inc.
Bob Bailey, P.E.  The Pickering Firm
Claire Barnett, P.E.  EnSafe, Inc.
Craig Christenbury, P.E.  Chris-Hill Construction Company, LLC
James Collins, P.E. Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
Zack A. Daniel, P.E. CDM Smith, Inc.
Brad Davis, P.E.  Black & Veatch
Robert H. Dodds, Jr., Ph.D., P.E.  University of Tennessee (Knoxville)
Greg Dotson P.E.  Barge Design Solutions
John Gordon, P.E. PSI, Inc.                  
Sanjeev Kumar, Ph.D., P.E., F.ASCE  P.E., Fellow ASCE
J.P. Mohsen, Ph.D.  University of Louisville
John Paul Finerson, P.E.   Lehman-Roberts Company
Laura Rowland, (P.E. inactive)  
Yousef Saleh P.E.  Pickering Firm, Inc.
Mike Sheridan, P.E., S.E., SECB  Allen & Hoshall
Cory Williams, P.E.  Geotechnical Engineering Branch


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Vida Abedi, PhD  Geisinger Health System
Michael Bartz, Ph.D  Dunavant Enterprises
Trey Conway, P.E.  Logical Systems, LLC
Ronald G. Driggers, Ph.D University of Arizona
Kamal Hossain  FedEx
Wayne J. Jackson, P.E.  Memphis Light, Gas and Water Division
Ravi Kanuri   
Philip Lim  Middle Tennessee Electric
Wilburn E. Reddick, PhD  St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Lisa Riales  FedEx  (Information Technology)
Kathryn Simpson  Medtronic 
Chandrika Winston  Memphis Gas Light & Water Division


Engineering Technology

MD Arifuzzaman  Google LLC.
Randy Bell  International Paper
Christopher Bell Milwaukee Tool
Todd Canaday  ThyssenKrupp Elevator
Brad Dacus  Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics
Darius Hankins  Arbitrage Trade Analytics LLC
Atiq Islam  eBay Inc. 
Sean Kelly  Stryker
Matt Kossan  Hytrol Conveyor
Dalibor Markovic  Stryker
Jasmin Nuhic  Bioventus
Cole Prince  Hytrol Conveyor
Scott Shankle  MicroPort Orthopedics
Mohammad Siddique  Oracle Corporation
Curtis Sines  Parker Hannifin Chelsea Division
Tucker Trey  Direct Spec
Christy Valentine  Hytrol Conveyor
Steven Wade  Medtronic Spinal & Biologics
Mark Williams  Compass Automation
Joe Williams IPS Corporation


Mechanical Engineering

Ms. Amanda Winter  
William Armstrong   
Michael Bilderbeck  Pickering Firm, Inc
Dr. Chuck Stout  ABB, Inc
Joe Durante  Hyosung HICO, Ltd
Dr. Ersa Roan  Somavac Medical Solutions
Greg Hammon  Cummins
Dean Hughes Smith and Nephew
Jonathan Jackson  Vanguard Soap
Dr. Johney Green NREL
Douglas Kothe  Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Dr. Naji Nassif  Hydrasep, Inc
Dr. Phillip Allen NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Tony Pinson  
Dr. Richard Komistek  UT Knoxville
Jeffery Stewart FedEx
John Young  Medtronic Spine and Biologics