Strategic Plan

The Herff College of Engineering is in the process of developing a new 5-year strategic plan with expected completion date of October 2023 and implementation date of Janurary 2024. The new plan will align with President Bill Hardgrave's plan, Ascend, the University's first plan as a Carnegie I institution that was unveiled spring 2023. 

Herff's Strategic Plan Committee will meet weekly and report to Dean Okenwa Okoli bi-weekly or as needed. Monthly status reports on milestones will be emailed to the college. At the end of the process, the committee will submit documentation that includes a mission statement, vision statement and strategic goals, as well as an implementation plan that includes metrics/targets and KPIs to measure progress towards goals. 

For more information, email the Strategic Planning Committee at engineeringspc@memphis.edu

Strategic Plan Committee

  Name Company Role
Robinson headshot Aaron Robinson UofM Faculty 
Headley headshot Alexander Headley UofM Faculty 
Wang headshot Ben Wang Georgia Tech Industry Professional
Robertson headshot Beverly Robertson Trust Mktg & Comm Industry Professional
Waldron headshot Brian Waldron, co-chair UofM Faculty 
Hunt headshot Clarice Hunt UofM Staff
Cockrum headshot Colton Cockrum UofM Staff
Greganti headshot David Greganti UofM Staff
Koerner headshot Dennis Koerner, co-chair ITN, LLC HCOE Advisory Council 
Carr headshot Georgetta Carr Medtronic HCOE Advisory Council 
Surbrook headshot Isaiah Surbrook UofM Staff
Breazeale headshot Jeff Breazeale Breazeale Group HCOE Advisory Council 
Bumgardner headshot Joel Bumgardner UofM Faculty
Lowe headshot Kacy Lowe Florida A&M  Industry Professional
Berisso headshot Kevin Berisso UofM Faculty 
Okoli headshot Okenwa Okoli UofM Dean
Deaton headshot Russell Deaton UofM Associate Dean
McGinley headshot Shawn McGinley Stryker HCOE Advisory Council 
Mathis headshot Sheila Mathis UofM Staff
Ivey headshot Stephanie Ivey UofM Associate Dean