Memphis Graduate Seminar

Memphis graduate seminar provides a friendly and supportive atmosphere for graduate students to attend or deliver talks to communicate their interests in all branches of mathematics. This would give everyone a chance to interact outside of class while providing exposure to some of the current research interests of the department.  The seminar also provides graduate students an open forum to improve their skills in giving mathematical talks in a supportive environment. 

This seminar runs once every two weeks on Thursday at 3:00 PM. The talks are usually designed for 50 minutes with 10 more minutes for possible questions. Graduate students are strongly recommended to deliver talks in the seminar.   The level of each talk will be kept at an introductory level, which is below the usual standard of a typical research seminar. No specific backgrounds of the audience are assumed.

Everybody is welcome to attend, and refreshments would be provided.

If you would like to give a talk in the seminar, please feel free to contact any organizers below.

Organizer: Xin Ma
Co-organizers: Chao Liu, Szu Ting Kitty Yang, Jose Henrique Rodrigues, Madhumita Roy.
Faculty advisor: Bentuo Zheng.

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