Ph. D Graduates [after 2010] with first Post-Phd Placement

Maciej Ciesielski (2010), Geometric properties of Lorentz spaces and applications to approximation theory, Assistant Professor at The University of Technology in Poznan, Poland.

Kyeongmi Cheon (2010), On Some Procedures for Analyzing Clustered Exchangeable Data. Sr. Scientist, Biostatistics, Biometrics Research, EDS, Merck. 

Lijing Xu, (2010), Topic-Literature Based Bayesian Analysis of Gene Expression Data. Manager-Cybersecurity Intelligence and Analytics, FedEx. Memphis.

Dias Kurmashev (2010), The local solvability of the initial-boundary value problem of fiber spinning of the upper convected Maxwell fluid. Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

Shaun Ceci August (2011), Navier-Stokes flow for a fluid jet with a free surface. LeMoyne College, Syracuse, NY.

Annita Davis (2010), Stability Behavior of Models for Unsupervised Learning. Coordinator Instructor, DMS, University of Memphis.

Malgorzata Czerwinska (2011), Some topics in noncommutative spaces of measurable operators, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS.

Mehmet Kocak (2011), Bayesian and Meta-Analysis of Cell-Cycle Gene Expression Data. Associate Professor of Biostatistics, Department of Preventive Medicine, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. 

Xiaodong Zhou (2011), Topic Weighted Meta-Analysis Procedures for Pooling High throughput Biological Data. (Computer Science), Cybersecurity Principal, FedEx.

Raena King (2011), Hermitian Operators and Projections on Hardy Spaces. Assist.Prof. Christian Brothers University, Memphis.

Fabricio Benevides (2011), On Ramsey Theory and Slow Bootstrap Percolation Adjunct Professor, Universidade Federal do Ceara, Brazil.

Karen Gunderson (2011), Probabilistic Problems in Graph Theory, Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba.

Ago-Erik Riet (2012), On Integer Sequences, Packings and Games on Graphs, Researcher, University of Tartu Estonia.

Andrew Uzzell (2012), Turn-type Problems and Bootstrap Percolation, Vst. Assistant Professor, Holycross.

0. Y. Wu (2012), Stochastic Models of Human Kidney Cancer, Statistician/Consultant, Saber Analysis. 

Damian Kubiak (2012), Topics in Cesaro-Orlicz spaces, Assistant Prof. Tennessee Technical University.

Neal Bushaw (2012), Problems in Extremal combinatorics, Assistant Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Jared Collins (2013), "Bad Cycles, Blowup Points, and Baby Mandelbrot Sets", Assistant Professor, Reed-Hardeman College.

Wenrong Hu (2013), Sample Size and Power Calculations for Stratified Case-Cohort Design and Generalized Case-Cohort Design. CSL Behring, King of Prussia, PA.

Si Chen (2014), DNA Sequence Analysis for Applications to Phylogenetic Tree Construction and Simulated Metagenomic Binning. Key Laboratory of Combinatorial Biosynthesis and Drug Discovery, Ministry of Education and School of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Wuhan University, Wuhan, China.

Bryan Winter (2014), Design, Search and Implementation of Improved Large Order Multiple Recursive Generators and Matrix Congruential Generators. Difference Maker, Biostatistician, & Data Analyst. Adventia Wellness (http://adventiawellness.com/).

Raluca Pop Clendenen (2014), Wentzell Boundary Conditions with Bad Coefficients and Parabolic Asymptotics for Dissipative Hyperbolic Problems. Assistant Professor Belmont University, TN.

Xueyuan Cao (2014), Thesis Topic: Dissertation: Set Based Association Testing in High Dimensional Genomic Studies. Assistant Professor, Preventive Medicine University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center.

Dominik Vu (2014), Separating Families and Combinatorial Games, European Central Bank.

Richard Johnson (2015), Searching and Sorting Algorithms, Instructor, The Kings College, Canterbury, UK.

Tomas Juskevicius (2015), Probabilistic Inequalities and Bootstrap Percolation Researcher, Institute of Mathematics, Czech Academy of Sciences.

Teeradej Kittipassorn (2015), Problems in Extremal and Ramsey Graph Theory, Lecturer, Chulalongkorn University.

Behrouz Madahian (2015), Statistical Shrinkage Methods for Classification, Prediction, And Feature Extraction Using Genomewide Gene Expression Data And Small Sample Sizes. Principal Data Scientist, Quire,Inc.

Jee Zhou (2016), "D sets and IP rich sets in Z". Nazareth Academy (Prep School in Chicago).

Aaron Taylor (2016), Classes of Operators on Bloch spaces. Assistant Professor at College of Coastal Georgia.

Ali Dogan (2016), On saturated Graphs and Combinatorial Games, Assistant Professor, School of Arts and Sciences. University of Houston Victoria, Victoria, TX 77901 USA.

Merve Kester (2016), Approximations by generalized discrete singular operators​ Assistant Professor, at Tusculum College,TN.

Yuri Sokolov (2016), Dynamics of Discrete and Continuous spatially distributed systems. Post-Doctoral Fellow; University of Pittsburgh.

Demba Fofana (2016), On Some Bayesian and Empirical Bayes Procedures for Analyzing Gene Expression Data. Assistant Professor, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. 

Nana Boateng (2016), On Some Exact Nonparametric Conditional Tests for Clustered Binary Data. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, MI Data Scientist.

Akwasi Kusi-Appiah (2016), On the Exchangeable Negative Multinomial Distribution and Applications to Analysis of RNA-Seq Data. Research Statistician, International Papers, Memphis, TN.

Hyung-Joon Tag (2017), Some geometrical properties in Orlicz-Lorentz spaces and their Koethe duals. Military service in South Korea followed by post-doctoral post- doctoral position in the Dong Gug University in Seoul in South Korea.

Julian Sahasrabudhe (2017), Extremal and Ramsey Problems on Graphs, and the Integers. Junior Researcher, Peterhouse College, UK.

Amy Shaw (2017), Games on Grids and Graphs. Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Manitoba.

Richard Snyder (2018), On the Structure of Dense Graphs, and other Extremal Problems. Postdoctoral Researcher, Karlsruhe Institute of Tech, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Kamil Popielarz (2018), Problems in Extremal Graph Theory. Scientist, Google, Zurich, Switzerland.

Latia Carraway (2019), Estimation with Exchangeable Binary Data. Assistant Professor, Arkansas State University.

Peter Ngutu (2018), Regression Models for Analyzing Clustered Multinomial and Continuous Outcomes Under the Assumption of Exchangeability. Research Assistant Baptist Memorial Health Care.

Holly Renaud (2019), Topological Properties of the Standard Operations on Spaces of Continuous Functions, and Integrable Functions. Bolton High School. Memphis, TN.

Buddhika Priyasad (2019), Uniform Stabilization for Naviewer Stokes Equations in Lq based Sobolev and Besov spaces. Postdoctoral Fellow in Karl Franzens Institute, University of Graz, Graz, Austria.

Steven Smith (2019), Problems in Graph Theory, and Partially Ordered Sets.

Sirututh Charphoeon (2020), Vanishing relaxation time dynamics of the Jordan-Moore-Gibson-Thompson equation arising in high frequency ultrasound. Assistant professor, Department of Mathematics, DePauw University, Green Castle, IN.

Lei Shi (2020), Truncated and Aggregated P-value Test. Senior Lead Biostatistician, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Memphis, TN.

Yunusa Olufadi (2020), Approaches for Analyzing Multivariate Mixed Endpoints with High-Dime.nsional Covariates. Research Statistician, Washington State University.

Robert Vaughn (2020), Random Effects Volatility Models for Joint Returns within a Financial Market. FDA, Maryland. 

Diego Calle Cadavid (2020), Unique Maximal Ideal in the Algebra L((Σ≬∐)) ⌋,) with 1 < q < ∞. Instructor, Virginia Tech.

Rebecca Herman (2020), Walks and Games on Graphs. Postdoctoral Researcher, Univ. Tennessee -Knoxville.

David Lewis (2020), Extremal Graph Theory, and Dimension Theory for Partial Orders.

Mariusz Zyluk (2021), On density of smooth functions in Musielak Orlicz Sobolev spaces, and uniform convexity of those spaces.

Marcelo Bongarti (2021), On nonlinear acoustic waves of third order (in time) and applications. Postdoctoral Fellow Weierstrass Institute. Berlin, Germany.

Stephen Guffey (2021), Local null-controllability of a chemotaxis model for a bacterial infection in a radially symmetric chronic wound.  University of Memphis. Memphis, TN.

Kenneth Passiah (2021), Efficient Computer Search for Super-order Multiple Recursive Generators. Term Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics in George Mason University.

Priyadarshi Dey (2021), Hermitian projections and geometric properties of Banach spaces. Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, VA.

John Kubi (2021), Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Correlated Binary Data based on the double Binomial Distribution. Grand Valley State University (GVSU), Allendale, MI.

Farnaz Solatika (2021), Design A System Of Secure Random Number Generators By Random Coupling With The Future. Biostatistician, Florida State University; Talahassee, FL.

Zhenghong Li (2021), Variable selection in big data with applications to develop a new epigenetic clock. Principal Statistician. 

Rasika Mahawattage (2022), Fluid Structure Interactions with kelvin Voight Damping  and Quantitized State Integration Methods. Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Mathematical Sciences; University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD.

Monika Palthya (2022). Numerical Index and Quotient Lifting Property. Lecturer at the Steven’s Institute of Technology, NJ.

John McCurdy (2023). Safe-Net: Secure and Fast Encryption Using Network of Pseudo-Random Number Generators. Assistant Professor at the Mount St Mary Universit

Sana Kazemi (2023), Isometries on Special Classes of Sequence Spaces. Instructional Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University.

Zachary Easley (2023), Presever, n-potent, and Periodic Operators on Banach Spaces and Function Spaces. at Rhodes College.

Sovanlal Mondal (2023), Behavior of Ergodic Averages Along a Subsequence and the Grid Method. Postdoctoral Fellow, Ohio State University.

Yilun Sun (2023). A Bayesian approach for analyzing concurrent response rate data in clinical trials. Research Scientist, St. Jude’s Hospital.