Ph.D. Degree Programs

The University of Memphis Department of Mathematical Sciences offers Ph.D. degrees in Mathematics, with a concentration in

(Click on links for program requirements.) Ph.D. students in Mathematics may specialize in many areas including applied mathematics, combinatorics, control theory, ergodic theory, functional analysis, differential equations, graph theory, and mathematical physics. Ph.D. students in Applied Statistics may specialize in Bayesian methods, bioinformatics, design of experiments, meta-analysis, statistical modeling, computation and simulation.

Most graduate students in the Ph.D. program are supported by our recently increased assistantships. Moreover, increased stipends are possible for students with strong backgrounds and demonstrated potential for research. The average time for completion of a Ph.D. is five years, and less in many cases.

The official descriptions of the degree programs can be found at the university's Graduate Catalog. See the Graduate handbook for any additional departmental policies.