Sutthirut Charoenphon was an Invited Graduate Student Panelist at University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA, 18th Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics (January 2016). Her presentation was titled "Choosing a Mathematics Graduate Program." 

Sutthirut Charoenphon and Buddhika Priyasad were Research Guests at Oberwolfach Seminar: Mathematical Theory of Evolutionary Fluid-Flow Structure Interactions in November 2016 at Leibnitz Institute in Oberwolfach, Germany. Organized by Barbara Kaltenbacher, Klagenfurt; Igor Kukavica, Los Angeles; Irena Lasiecka, Memphis; Roberto Triggiani, Memphis.

Graduate Assistants from the department participated in the KUMUNU Conference on PDE, Dynamical Systems and Applications 2017 in April 2017 at University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA. They gave poster presentations entitled "Vanishing Relaxation Time Dynamics of the MGT Equation Arising in High-Frequency Ultrasound (HFU)" by Sutthirut Charoenphon, "Excursions into Chemotaxis via Diusive Phenomena" by Stephen Guffey, "Stabilizing the Turbulence of Navier-Stokes Equations in Besov and Lq− based Sobolev Space" by Buddhika Priyasad, and "Heat-Structure Interaction with Viscoelastic Damping: Optimal interface! or Interior Regularity via Fractional Powers, Control Theoretic Implications" by Rasika Mahawattege

Fesobi Saliu was a research participant at the Math-to-Industry Boot Camp II at the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, University of Minnesota in June and July 2017. This summer research program consisted of a small-scale project designed to introduce the concept of solving open-ended problems while working in a team, and the research project "How do robots find their way home? Optimizing RFID beacon placement for robot localization and navigation in indoor spaces," posed by industry scientists. Fesobi presented his work at the conclusion of the program.

Buddhika Priyasad gave an invited talk, entitled "Uniform Stabilization of 3D Navier-Stokes Equations Using Finitely Many Localized Tangential Boundary Feedback Controls", at the SIAM Conference on Analysis of PDEs in December 2017, in Baltimore, Maryland; 2018 Shanks Workshop on Mathematical Aspects of Fluid Dynamics in March 2018, at Vanderbilt University; the 2018 SIAM Great Lakes Section Annual Meeting (GLSIAM) in April 2018, at Wayne State University, Detroit, USA; Joint Mathematics Meeting of AMS in January 2019, in Baltimore, Maryland; and AMS Spring Southeastern Sectional Meeting in March 2019 at Auburn University, Auburn, AL.

Sutthirut Charoenphon, and Steven Guffey each gave a presentation at the Workshop on Dynamics, Control and Numerics for Fractional PDE's in December 2018 at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, USA. The presentations were entitled, "Vanishing Relaxation Time Dynamics of the JMGT Equation Arising in High-Frequency Ultrasound (HFU)" by Charoenphon, and "Excursions into Chemotaxis via Diusive Phenomena" by Guffey. 

Marcelo Bongarti and Sutthirut Charoenphon gave poster presentations at the 2019 Central for Nonlinear Analysis (CNA) Workshop on Mathematical Models for Pattern Formation in March 2019 at Carnegie Mellon University, USA. The presentations were entitled "The Singular Thermal Relaxation Limit for the MGT-Equation" by Bongarti, and "Vanishing Relaxation Time Dynamics of the JMGT Equation Arising in High-Frequency Ultrasound (HFU)" by Charoenphon. 

Sutthirut Charoenphon gave a poster presentation at The 2019 Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) Research Symposium in April 2019 at Rice University, USA. The presentation was entitled "Vanishing Relaxation Time Dynamics of the JMGT Equation Arising in High-Frequency Ultrasound (HFU). She was also invited to speak on the same topic for the Western Kentucky University AMS Student Chapter in April 2019. 

Priyadarshi Dey and Monika each gave a presentation at the Special Session of the International Workshop in Operator Theory and Applications in July 2019 at Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon, Portugal. The presentations were entitled "Bicircular Projections on Some Operator Spaces" by Dey, and "Quotient Operators on Tensor Product Spaces" by Monika. 

Marcelo Bongarti and Stephen Guffey spent 10 weeks during Summer 2019 working on National Science Foundation sponsored research programs at the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago. 

    • Guffey's research project, under the mentorship of Dr. Sven Leyffer and Johann Rudi, entitled "Numerical Determination of Optimal Controls for a Bolza Problem for a Chemotactic System" consisted of investigating and finding optimal controls numerically using finite difference schemes. The schemes were implemented in the programming language AMPL, and numeric solution for the PDE system was attempted using Python. Chemotactic systems are systems of strongly coupled nonlinear partial differential equations of parabolic type. Wellposedness and controllability of PDE's describing chemotactic system is the subject of Steven's PhD dissertation. 
    • Bongarti's research project, under the mentorship of Dr. Paul Hovland and Dr. Sri Hari Krishna Narayan was entitled "Efficient Quantum Optimal Control Algorithms". The goal of the project was to investigate how one could take advantage of the fact that the quantum evolution operators are unitary in order to optimize the memory usage within quantum optimal control algorithms. The research involved deals with Schrodinger operators and a control of the underlined dynamics. The results obtained will be considered for journal publication.

Sutthirut Charoenphon and Rasika Mahawattege attended the 39th Southeastern-Atlantic Regional Conference of Differential Equations (SEARCDE) at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univeristy (October 2019). They gave presentations titled "Vanishing Relaxation Time Dynamics of the Moore-Gibson-Thompson (MGT) Equation Arising in High Frequency Ultrasound (HFU)" and "Fluid-Viscoelastic Structure Interaction", respectively.

Sutthirut Charoenphon attended the 5th Annual Meeting of SIAM Central States Section at Iowa State University and was invited to give a talk on the topic "Vanishing Relaxation Time Dynamics of the Moore-Gibson-Thompson (MGT) Equation Arising in High Frequency Ultrasound (HFU)" (October 2019).

Yunusa Olufadi gave a presentation at the International Conference on Statistical Distributions and Applications (October 2019) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Priyadarshi Dey was invited to speak at Conference: International Workshop on Operator theory and its Applications(IWOTA) 2019, Lisbon, Portugal. His presentation was titled "Hermitian projections on some Banach spaces."

Stephen Guffey presented an invited talk entitled "A quick introduction to modern differential equations" at Western Kentucky University, on April 12, 2021. 

Stephen Guffey gave a virtual invited presentation on June 3, 2021 at the Online Seminar “Control in Times of Crisis” organized by the University of Paris and University of Sevilla [Spain]. The title of his presentation was "Local Null Controllability for a Chemotactic Model for Bacterial Infection in a Chronic Wound."