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Associate Professor & MHA Program Director, Division of Health Systems Management and Policy

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Paige Powell

About Paige Powell

M. Paige Powell, PhD is an Associate Professor of Health Systems Management and Policy and MHA Program Director at The University of Memphis School of Public Health. In addition to her appointment at the University of Memphis, Dr. Powell is a Research Fellow for the Methodist Le Bonheur Center for Healthcare Economics. Dr. Powell received a national competitive Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute in 2015. Her work focuses on building the capacity for patient and family caregivers to work as a team with researchers and providers to improve the care of African American cancer patients in Memphis. She has successfully built a coalition of patient and family caregivers, researchers, providers and support group representatives to train these stakeholders about patient-centered principles and team building. Dr. Powell is also interested in the role that multiple chronic conditions have in influencing healthcare use, especially in the emergency setting. Dr. Powell is a noted health policy expert who frequently comments on health policy for TV and radio news, regional papers, and national medical news websites. Dr. Powell teaches courses in Health Policy Theory and Methods and Healthcare Quality and Outcomes Management. She also coaches Master of Health Administration students in several national case competitions where the teams have often made the semi-final and final rounds. Dr. Powell also coordinates the university-wide School of Public Health Interdisciplinary Case Competition, where graduate students from across the university compete in teams to develop programs and solutions to health care issues facing Memphis and Shelby County residents.


• PhD, Health Policy and Administration, Penn State University
• MHA, University of Memphis
• BPS, Health Administration, University of Memphis

Research Interests

• Patient-Centered Outcomes Research
• Reducing cancer disparities
• Role of multiple chronic conditions on emergency department use
• Effect of policy on healthcare utilization

Selected Publications

  1. Powell, M.P., Yu, X, Chang, C.F. (In press). National Trends in Hospital Emergency Department Visits among Those with and without Multiple Chronic Conditions, 2007-2012, Hospital Topics.
  2. Goldsmith, J., Young, M., Dale, L., Powell, M.P. (In press). Plain language and health literacy for the oncology family caregiver: Examining an English/Spanish mHealth resource. Seminars in Oncology Nursing.
  3. Kim, H., Powell M.P. Bhuyan, S.S. (2017). Seeking Medical Information Using Mobile Apps and the Internet: Are Family Caregivers Different from the General Public? Journal of Medical Systems, 41:38. doi:10.1007/s10916-017-0684-9
  4. Powell, M.P., Yu, X, Chang, C.F. (2016). Trends in Urgency of Emergency Department Visits among Those with and without Multiple Chronic Conditions, 2007-2012. Journal of Hospital and Medical Management, 2 (2).
  5. Powell, M.P., Post, L.R. Bishop, B.A. (2016). Alabama Physicians and Accountable Care Organizations: Will What We Don't Know Hurt Us? American Journal of Medical Quality, 31(2):169-177 pii: 1062860614559600. [Epub ahead of print, 2014].
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  7. Bhuyan, S.S., Zhu, H., Powell, M.P., Kim, J, Shiyanbola, O., Chandak, A. Shiyanbola, O. (2015) Use of Electronic Medical Records for Medication Management: Evidence from Long-Term Care. Journal of Medical Systems, 39(6): 1-8. DOI: 10.1007/s10916-015-0252-0
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