Parent Access to Student Education Record

If you as a parent claimed your student as a dependent for tax purposes in the most recent tax year, you may request a copy of the student's record. Follow these steps:

  1. Discuss your intentions with your student first. Your student may share the information you need, avoiding further action on your part. If you are particularly interested in seeing your student's grades, we recommend you try the following before proceeding to step 2:

    • Ask your student to show you the grades in the myMemphis portal. If this isn't practical, then:

    • Ask your student to complete a Consent to Release Education Record form; this completed form allows the Registrar to release a copy of the term(s)' grades to you. If your student is unwilling to complete this form, then, proceed to step 2 below.

  2. Since step 1 didn't work, complete, and sign a Parent Request for Disclosure of Education Record Information and Certification of Dependent Status form.

    We are required to notify your student in writing that you have requested and will be given a copy of the record, so you may want to give your student some advance warning.

    • You may print the form from our website: Parent Request for Disclosure... (pdf). Mail or deliver the form, with copies of (1) the dependents section of your most recent tax return and (2) your photo ID, to:

           University of Memphis
           Assistant Registrar - Student Records
           003 Wilder Tower
           Memphis, TN 38152-3520

    • Or, you may visit Student Records, 003 Wilder Tower, and complete a copy there. If you complete a copy in person, please bring a photo ID (ex., drivers license) for identification and a copy of the dependents section of your most recent tax return.

Here are two important points to remember when requesting the release of your student's information:

  1. Completing the Parent Request for Disclosure form allows us to release your student's information for the academic terms covered by the tax year for which you claimed your student as a dependent. If you need access next year, you will have to complete another form at that time.

  2. The Registrar needs either the Consent form or the Parent Request form each time that you want the information.