Find Your U-Number

Your U-Number is your unique University identification number. It consists of the letter "U" followed by 8 digits. You should include this number, rather than your social security number, in all correspondence or contact with the University. Do not supply your social security number unless specifically asked by a University employee who has a legitimate business need to know it.

Your U-Number is also referred to as your University ID#, Banner ID#, or even Student ID#.

Search Methods

Your U-Number appears on your Campus Card.

You can also login to the myMemphis portal or iAM to find your U-Number.

  • In the myMemphis portal, your U-Number will appear if you select the My Information tile.
  • In iAM, your U-Number appears in the upper right-hand corner of the main menu page, which appears after a successful login.

U-Number Lookup - This is another way to find your U-Number.