Adobe Software

A service agreement has been made between UofM and Adobe. Adobe Acrobat DC and the Creative Cloud (CC) service can be installed on University owned computers. The agreement gives the UofM access to future updates for Acrobat DC and Creative Cloud CC.


Acrobat DC

Acrobat DC, the leading PDF tool, allows you to create, edit, and merge, and PDF files. In addition, Acrobat DC allows you to easily convert PDF files to editable Office documents (i.e. Word, Excel or PowerPoint). The University's agreement allows for Acrobat DC to be used by all faculty and staff on University owned computers.


Acrobat Tutorials by Adobe

Topics range from a variety of subjects, and information is concise and informative.


Creative Cloud

The Creative Cloud (CC) service gives you access to graphic design software, video editing and web development applications. A list of available Creative Cloud applications can be found here.

ITS will make the CC available to University-owned computers. Regular usage reports will help ensure license compliancy. These reports will also identify software with low usage and allow effective redistribution (harvest) of licenses.

Installation (UofM Faculty and Staff)

Software can be installed on your own using the Self-Service method, or contact your LSP for assistance.

Two Options for Installation

Self-service tool

  1.  The self-service tool will need to be installed on your computer by your LSP. This is only needed for its first use. Enter a service request to ask that your LSP install the program for you.
  2.  Once installed, follow the instructions appropriate for your machine.


Request from your LSP

If you have questions please contact your LSP. To request assistance, please submit an online service request.