Registration Quick Guide

Here is a brief guide to online class registration that starts with logging into the myMemphis portal through printing off your schedule.

You should consider using Schedule Builder to build your class schedule before attempting to register. You are not required to use this tool, but you are likely to find that it can be very helpful.

Registration: Basic Steps

  1. Login to the portal - with your Username and Password, the same combination used for UofM email. (If you have trouble getting into the portal, call the  Helpdesk at 901.678.8888.)

  2. Select the Student page from the bar at the top of the screen.

  3. Find the Registration Tools portlet.

    This contains links to these key registration functions plus a collection of help guides: Registration Status; Look Up Classes; Add or Drop Classes, and Concise Student Schedule. When selecting any of the registration functions, you will be prompted for a Term. Select the desired term and then click [Submit].

  4. Click on Registration Status to:
    • Verify your earliest date to register; you cannot register before this date.
    • Check to see if you have any holds; if you do, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click [ View Holds ] to see what you must do to remove the hold. You cannot register if you have a registration hold. Logout (Step 8) and clear the hold before attempting to register.
    • Look for any permits issued to you. If you have a permit, make note of the CRN.

    Registration Status screen

  5. Click on Look Up Classes and then the Advanced Search option to check out course offerings. Select options to search for the classes you want. Click [Class Search].

    Using the Search options, you can narrow or tailor your results (for example: courses  offered at a particular campus, or online courses only, or courses taught by a particular instructor). Refer to Popular Lists and Tips pages to see what's possible, and experiment!

    Lookup Classes Advanced Search screen

    When the results are displayed, make note of the CRNs of courses/sections you want.

    Lookup Classes results screen
  6. Click on Add or Drop Classes to register for classes.

    Note: All degree seeking students must be advised. Non-degree seeking students do not need to be advised.

    If You Are Degree Seeking and Have Been Cleared by Your Advisor to Register (or If You Are Non-Degree Seeking):

    • You will see the Add or Drop Classes screen.
    • Read the instructions and important information.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and enter your CRNs in the row of open blocks.
    • Click [Submit Changes]. The screen will refresh and your courses will be listed. *Web Registered* will appear to the left of those courses you have successfully registered for. Courses you did not successfully register for will be listed below these, with a brief explanation of the problem.*
    • Refer to this list of common error messages.
    • Adjust your classes as needed.

      *Some students must file proof of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) immunization with Student Health Services in order to register as full-time students. If you are such a student and have not filed your proof, you will be limited to part-time status until you do so. You will see the "measles" message after you click [Submit Changes], and you will notice that you were not enrolled in all the courses you selected. See: Immunization > MMR for information on submitting your proof.

    Add or Drop Classes screen

    If You Are Degree Seeking but Have NOT Been Cleared by Your Advisor to Register:

    • You will get the Alternate PIN Verification page.
    • Do not enter anything; logout instead (go to Step 8).
    • See your advisor: only your advisor can clear this PIN. Once it is cleared, you will not see the Alternate PIN screen again during the semester. You will be able to register.

    Alternate Pin screen

  7. Click on Concise Student Schedule to view and print your personal class schedule after you have registered.

  8. Logout: Click on the logout icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.