Arts & Sciences Honors Assembly Awards


Jeanne Hanna - Outstanding Senior Scholarship Award

Mallory Bader - Outstanding Anthropology Student Engaged Community Service Award

Sarah Donovan - Outstanding Anthropology Student Engaged Community Service Award

Gayle Ozanne - Outstanding Anthropology Student Engaged Community Service Award

Arts & Sciences

Melanie Sparks - Dean's Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Student

Biological Sciences

Alden Daniels - Biology Faculty Award


Luke Hurst - Outstanding General Chemistry Student

City & Regional Planning

Rachel McCook - AICP Outstanding Student

Rachel McCook - Program Community Service Award

Criminology & Criminal Justice

Keora Stephenie - Veronica F. Coleman Award

Briana Downell - Veronica F. Coleman Award

Brandon Harris - Upsilon Mu Award

James Hilton - Second Stage Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement among Returning Students

Lois Lukaszeski - Outstanding Academic Achievement Among Career Professionals

Earth Sciences

Ryan Parris - Paul Sisco Outstanding Senior, Geography

Lauren Quas - Outstanding Senior, Geology


Aimee Irwin - Distinguished Scholarship Award

Foreign Languages & Literatures

Jeffrey Rogers - Outstanding Foreign Language Student

Mallie Dennis - American Association of Teachers of French Outstanding Senior in French Award


Katherine Berger - Tennessee Historical Commission Award

Lydia Loden - Tennessee Historical Commission Award

Hafife Montgomery - Major L. Wilson Graduate Paper Award

Jonathan Lohnes - Major L. Wilson Undergraduate Paper Award

International Studies

Evan Morrison - Outstanding Senior Award

Mathematical Sciences

Kimberly Duran - R. P. Clark Outstanding Junior Award


Delaney Page - Carroll Bowman Award

Mallie Dennis - Outstanding Student Award


Kevin Goering - Outstanding Student Award

Political Science

Hannah Guess - John W. Burgess Award

Samantha Meyer - Pre-Law Award

Atlanta Heathman - Outstanding Student Award


Melissa Ethridge - Dr. Milton Addington Award

Social Work

Samantha Brin - NASW, Tennessee Chapter MSW Student of the Year

Stephanie Lovins - NASW, Tennessee Chapter BSW Student of the Year

Leslie Lindsey - Corri R. Thomas MSW Student Excellence in Field

Ashley Higginbottom - BA Undergraduate Student of the Year


Christopher King - Jerry Michel Outstanding Senior Award

Alpha Epsilon Delta

Robert Little - Student of the Year

Chi Beta Phi Science

Taylor Brewer, Biological Sciences

Melanie Sparks, Chemistry

Eric Gamble, Earth Sciences - Geological Sciences

Kimberly Bateman, Mathematical Sciences

Kyle Edwards, Physics

Anna Pederson, Psychology