2013 Travel Enrichment Funds

In the spring of 2004, Mr. Philip Donovan initiated The Donovan Travel Enrichment Fund for student and faculty travel. The fund helps support faculty and students who are traveling to research centers, and to conferences.

With additional financial support from numerous sponsors, this award has been renamed the College of Arts & Sciences Travel Enrichment Fund. Each year's recipients will be brought together at an annual luncheon with the sponsors to report on what they learned during their travels.

Spring 2013

  • William Alexander, Chemistry - Conference, New Orleans, LA

  • Darryl Domingo, English - Conference, Oxford, England

  • Denis Grele, Foreign Languages & Literatures - Research, Hampton, VA

  • William Thompson, Foreign Languages & Literatures - Research, Old Mines, MO

  • Karen Connolly, Graduate MA, Anthropology - Conference, Denver, CO

  • Katianne Howard, Graduate PhD, Psychology - Conference, Seattle, WA

  • Lindsay Plunk, Graduate MS, Earth Sciences - Conference, Honolulu, HI

  • Karin Scott, Graduate MA, Public & Nonprofit Administration - Conference, Los Angeles, CA

  • Christian Vlautin, Graduate PhD, Biological Sciences - Conference, San Francisco, CA

  • Elizabeth Warkentin, Graduate PhD, History - Research, Luxor, Egypt

Summer 2013

  • Pleshette DeArmitt, Philosophy - Conference, London, England

  • Michael Duke, Anthropology - Research, Springdale, AR

  • Cosetta Gaudenzi, Foreign Languages & Literatures - Conference & Research, France & Italy

  • Firouzeh Sabri, Physics - Conference, Nashville, TN

  • Megan Benson, Junior - Conference, Tucson, AZ

  • Jiba Dahal, Graduate MS, Physics - Conference, Boston, MA

  • Caroline Havrilla, Senior, Biological Sciences - Conference, New Orleans, LA

  • Robert Jordan, Graduate PhD, English - Research, Pilsen, Czech, Republic

  • Brittany Lott, Graduate PhD, Chemistry - Conference, Albany, NY

  • Desiree Ramacus-Bushnell, Graduate PhD, Philosophy - Conference, Oxford, England

  • Andrew Shilling, Graduate PhD, History - Research, Luxor, Egypt

Fall 2013

  • Luvell Anderson, Philosophy - Conference, San Diego, CA

  • Elena Delavega, Social Work - Conference, Montreal, Canada

  • Ronald Fuentes, English - Conference & Research, Spain

  • Yuki Matsuda, Foreign Languages & Literatures - Research, Tokyo, Japan

  • Xuan Zhao, Chemistry - Conference, Indianapolis, IN

  • Elizabeth Baddour, Graduate PhD, English - Conference, Jacksonville, FL

  • Harkeerat Bedi, Graduate PhD, Computer Science - Conference, Atlanta, GA

  • Anna Gattuso, Graduate MA, Anthropology - Research, Yarvicoya, Bolivia

  • Xiangyu Lin, Graduate PhD, Computer Science - Conference, Lyon, France

  • Justin Paul, Graduate MS, Earth Sciences - Conference, Denver, CO

  • Amanda Rach, Graduate PhD, Psychology - Conference, San Diego, CA

  • Tong Shu, Graduate PhD, Computer Science - Conference, Sydney, Australia