Health Informatics and Information Management Requirements

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

  • "Health Informatics and Information Management professionals work in a variety of different settings and job titles. Having skilled HIM professionals on staff ensures an organization has the right information on hand when and where it is needed while maintaining the highest standards of data integrity, confidentiality, and security. They often serve in bridge roles, connecting clinical, operational, and administrative functions." (AHIMA)
  • The University of Tennessee Health Science Center's program leads to a Master in Health Informatics and Information Management. Although this program admits students who have completed a minimum of 92 credit hours, we encourage students to complete a baccalaureate degree prior to entry.
  • It is the applicant's responsibility to research each school and review recommended coursework in addition to verifying the prerequisites listed below. Application dates and deadlines may vary.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to meet with the pre-professional advisor early in their academic career to discuss plans of study, student involvement, the application process to professional school, etc.
Courses U of M Courses  # of hours required by University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Anatomy and Physiology BIOL 2010/2011
BIOL 2020/2021
Medical Terminology CLAS 3021 1-3 (an online course is acceptable)
Statistics MATH 1530, Math 4611,
SCMS 2710, SOCI 3311,
EDPR 4541
English Composition ENGL 1010
ENGL 1020
English Literature ENGL 2201 or 2202 3
Oral Communication COMM 2381 3
Principles of Management MGMT 3110 3
Personnel Administration MGMT 3215* 3
Management Information Systems MIS 2749 3
Systems Analysis and Design MIS 3770* 3
Database Management MIS 3775* 3
Social Science Electives See Advisor for options 6
Electives See Advisor for options ** Need to earn a minimum of 92 total hours


*Contact Pre-Professional Advisor for information on obtaining permit.

** Suggested courses included: ACCT 2010, ACCT 2020, ACCT 3011, MIS 2770, MIS 4800, MGMT 3510,
MGMT 4251, MGMT 4260, and MGMT 4420.