Medical Laboratory Science Requirements

Medical Laboratory Scientists are skilled laboratory scientists. They work in lab settings using biomedical instrumentation to assist physicians in patient diagnosis and treatment. The University of Memphis does not offer a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science. We partner with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center to help University of Memphis students pursue careers and education in Medical Laboratory Science.

Pre-MLS students must complete 58 hours of prerequisite classes before transferring to UTHSC to complete their degree. University of Memphis students who are interested in pursuing a Master of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences should complete a degree in Biology, Chemistry, or another natural science. For more information on the master’s degree program at UTHSC please email cls@uthsc.edu.

University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC)

  • The Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science program offered by The University of Tennessee Health Science Center is a baccalaureate program. Students at The University of Memphis may enter the U of M as undecided or select one of our undergraduate majors. A natural science major is preferred.

  • It is the applicant's responsibility to research each school and review recommended coursework in addition to verifying the prerequisites listed below. Application dates and deadlines may vary.

  • Students are strongly encouraged to meet with the pre-professional advisor early in their academic career to discuss plans of study, student involvement, the application process to professional school, etc.

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 UofM Course

 # of hours required by UTHSC

Anatomy & Physiology

BIOL 2010/2011
BIOL 2020/2021


General Biology

BIOL 1110/1111



BIOL 1230/1231


General Chemistry

CHEM 1110/1111
CHEM 1120/1121


Organic Chemistry

CHEM 3311/3301


English Composition

ENGL 1010
ENGL 1020


English Literature

ENGL 2201 or ENGL 2202


College Algebra

Math 1710 or higher


Humanities or Fine Arts

Any course


Social/Behavioral Sciences

Any course


General Education Electives

See Advisor for options

6 hours needed to reach 58 total
semester hours