Goal 1: Aggressively Provide Access

Grow enrollment while simultaneously improving student preparedness by pursuing a diversified and far-reaching recruiting strategy that emphasizes our university’s compelling value proposition.

2024 Actions:

  • CAS will develop a robust CAS brand and hire a marketing manager to engage in promotion of our college identity. This rebranding will emphasize the value of arts and sciences education in the workplace and may include modernizing course and program titles.

  • CAS will hire a full-time recruiter to assist with undergraduate and graduate recruitment and will ensure that the recruiter highlights the full spectrum of educational environments (main campus, Lambuth campus, UM Global) in which CAS programs are offered.

  • CAS will develop and implement a broad and varied recruitment plan highlighting unique selling points of our college programs.

  • CAS will increase social media posts, videos and other content appropriate for high school and college students on the social media platforms most used by these populations.

Participants for Goal 1 Brainstorming Group are listed below.

The participants met several times during the 2023 fall semester to collaborate and develop a proposal for actions that was submitted to the dean for final approval.

Gustav Borstad Physics and Materials Science Faculty gmbrstad@memphis.edu  
Cheryl Bowers Psychology - Lambuth Faculty cherylabowers@gmail.com  
Courtney Brafford UofM Global   cmftzgrl@memphis.edu  
David Gray Philosophy Faculty dmgray2@memphis.edu  
Rika Hood CAS Advising Staff rlhudsn1@memphis.edu  
Ted Maclin Anthropology Faculty emaclin1@memphis.edu  
Courtney Orians Dual Enrollment   cckelly@memphis.edu  
Diana Ruggiero World Languages and Literature Faculty dianaruggiero@gmail.com  
Simranjit Steel Sociology Faculty s.steel@memphis.edu