Goal 3: Outcomes-Focused Academics

Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences

Deliver a rigorous, practical, well-rounded and supportive academic experience through innovative programs and teaching methods that focus on student success and prepare our students for the workforce and graduate education.

  • CAS will collaborate with career services to build a Career Exploration Page for each major that draws on a) market data and b) departmental/program alumni stories. This page would be usable by students, their parents, advisers, and prospective students and would be freely and easily accessible, as well as useful for making study plans and setting career goals. Integration of job skills (“CLAW” competencies) and linkage to job resources (Stepping Blocks) will be prioritized.

  • CAS will create a database of professionals, especially UofM alumni, who could guest lecture, teach practice seminars during intersession, participate in career fairs and mentoring activities, or are willing to let students “shadow” them, as an alternative to internships (which are sometimes unrealistic for students with competing demands on their time).

  • CAS will regularly distribute workforce needs assessments from the city and region to academic units to inform curriculum review and updates. Such updates might include the development of thematic courses around specific workforce needs (i.e. medical humanities, law careers, social justice, journalism, education, literacy, and criminal justice).

  • CAS will collaborate with the Division of Student Academic Success to establish short and long-term strategies to support students experiencing preparedness gaps, including gaps associated with pandemic losses, to enhance the capabilities of our students and College.

Participants for Goal 3 Brainstorming Groups are listed below.

The participants met several times during the 2023 fall semester to collaborate and develop a proposal for actions that was submitted to the dean for final approval.

Humanities members

Christopher Black English Faculty cablack2@memphis.edu
Beverly Bond History Faculty Bgbond@Memphis.edu
Elliott Casal English Faculty jecasal@memphis.edu
Melanie Conroy World Languages and Literatures Faculty mrconroy@memphis.edu
Remy Debes Philosophy Faculty rdebes@memphis.edu
Will Duffy English Faculty weduffy@memphis.edu
Ladrica Mensun-Furr English, Dean's Office Faculty lmnsnfrr@memphis.edu
Errol O'Neill World Languages and Literatures Faculty errol.o@memphis.edu
Joshua Phillips English Faculty jsphillips2@gmail.com
Sarah Potter History Faculty spotter1@memphis.edu
John Riley Community   johnriley0731@gmail.com
Cortez Washington Career Services   cwshng15@memphis.edu
Iesha Williams CAS Staff nwllams4@memphis.edu
Lyn Wright English Faculty ewfogle@memphis.edu


Interdisciplinary Members

Shaul Bar Judaic Studies Faculty sbar@memphis.edu
Cosetta Gaudenzi World Languages and Literatures Faculty cgaudenz@memphis.edu
Donal Harris English Faculty dfhrris1@memphis.edu
Katherine Lambert-Pennington Anthro/SUAPP Faculty almbrtpn@memphis.edu
Ron Serino Interdisciplinary Studies Staff rserino@memphis.edu
William Thompson World Languages and Literatures Faculty wjthmpsn@memphis.edu
Yongmei Wang Chemistry Faculty ywang@memphis.edu
Alistair Windsor Mathematical Sciences and IIS Faculty awindsor@memphis.edu


Natural Sciences Members

Jennifer Benford Biology Faculty jennifer.benford@memphis.edu
Joji Castillon CAS Staff jcstllon@memphis.edu
Max Garzon Computer Science Faculty mgarzon@memphis.edu
Thomas Hagen Math. Sciences Faculty thagen@memphis.edu
William Jackson Earth Sciences Faculty wtjckson@memphis.edu
Bretta King Chemistry Faculty bfking1@memphis.edu
Jaime Sabel Biology Faculty jlsabel@memphis.edu
Firouzeh Sabri Physics Faculty fsabri@memphis.edu


Social Sciences Members

Kimberly Brown Career Services Staff kfoster@memphis.edu
Stephen Diko City and Regional Planning Faculty skdiko@memphis.edu
Davia Downey SUAPP/PADM Faculty dcdowney@memphis.edu
Doyun Koo Criminology and Criminal Justice Faculty Doyun.Koo@memphis.edu
Roger Kreuz Psychology Faculty rkreuz@memphis.edu
Maggie Landry Social Work Faculty malandry@memphis.edu
Deranda Lester Psychology Faculty dbrewer@memphis.edu
Gretchen Peterson Sociology Faculty gpterson@memphis.edu
Leslie Robinson Psychology Faculty Lrobinso@memphis.edu
Sharon Wrobel Public and Nonprofit Administration Faculty swrobel@memphis.edu