Planning Process

The College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) used an inclusive approach to develop the CAS Strategic Plan. The CAS Strategic Plan showcases our uniquely broad mission within the University of Memphis and defines the actions CAS will take to help realize the ambitious goals in the University of Memphis strategic plan, Ascend. The five-month process consisted of three overlapping phases:

PHASE 1: Situation Analysis (JULY – AUGUST 2023).

The Situation Analysis is an in-depth assessment of our college that provides an information-rich foundation for strategic planning. Three data collection methods were employed to provide input to the Situation Analysis:

  • Survey. We disseminated a survey to collect CAS faculty and staff input on CAS strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Quantitative Data Collection. The contributions of the CAS grand divisions (humanities, natural sciences, social sciences) to the historical data utilized in developing the University of Memphis strategic plan were gathered and analyzed.
  • Secondary Research was conducted in selected other areas. This included collecting and analyzing strategic plans from colleges of arts and sciences at peer and aspirant peer institutions and researching Tennessee’s funding formulas and workforce needs.

PHASE 2: Development of Mission, Vision and Actions (AUGUST – OCTOBER 2023).

Using the Situation Analysis as a reference, brainstorming groups comprised of faculty, staff, students, and community members will be convened to develop menus of mission statements, vision statements, and goal-oriented actions for further input from CAS constituents. Short surveys seeking preferred options from these menus will be disseminated to our constituents. Each brainstorming group's topical focus and links to members are below. We invite other members of CAS to share ideas relevant to topical focus areas with appropriate brainstorming group members.

  • Redefining the College of Arts and Sciences Mission
  • Defining the College of Arts and Sciences Vision for the Future
  • Defining CAS actions to contribute to Goal 1: Aggressively Provide Access
  • Defining CAS actions to contribute to Goal 2: Create Opportunities to Succeed
  • Defining CAS actions to contribute to Goal 3: Outcomes-Focused Academics
    • Humanities-focused actions
    • Social Sciences-focused actions
    • Natural Sciences-focused actions
    • Interdisciplinary Programs-focused actions
  • Defining CAS actions to contribute to Goal 4: Strengthen Research Enterprise
  • Defining CAS actions to contribute to Goal 5: Recruit, Retain, Reward & Recognize our People
  • Defining CAS actions to contribute to Goal 6: Exemplify Operational Excellence
  • Defining CAS actions to contribute to Goal 7: Generate & Steward Financial Resources

PHASE 3: Strategic Plan Development (OCTOBER 2023 – NOVEMBER 2023).

Using the mission, vision, goal-oriented actions, the Situation Analysis and other input, drafts of the strategic plan will be created and disseminated to stakeholders for review and feedback. Input will be considered and reconciled, resulting in a finalized College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Plan that will be submitted to the Offices of the President and Provost by December 1, 2023.