Goal 4: Strengthen Research Enterprise

Perform life-changing, interdisciplinary research and scholarship that is supported by world-class infrastructure and conducted by highly motivated researchers addressing the community and society’s greatest challenges.

2024 Actions:

  • CAS will create a Research Council for the College of Arts & Sciences. The CAS Research Council will formulate recommendations to the Dean on college level research support mechanisms, research investments, and interdisciplinary thematic areas for cohort faculty hires.

  • The CAS Research Council will periodically review and inventory research infrastructure (e.g. space, instruments).

  • CAS will encourage development/advancement efforts from donors around start-up funds and to address aging infrastructure. CAS and CAS departments will jointly create an emergency fund for instrument repairs.

  • CAS will develop and implement a staffing model that provides full-service research support from pre-award to grant closeout and collaborate with the Division of Research and Innovation to develop a post-award manual and streamline processes for post-award approvals for expending research funds.

  • CAS will advocate for repairs to decrepit buildings. Decrepit buildings hurt recruitment of students and faculty and ultimately, hurt research.

Participants for Goal 4 Brainstorming Group are listed below.

The participants met several times during the 2023 fall semester to collaborate and develop a proposal for actions that was submitted to the dean for final approval.

Madison Austin CAS Staff mraustin@memphis.edu
Jonathan Bennett CCRE Staff jrbnnett@memphis.edu
Tim Brewster Chemistry Faculty tbrwster@memphis.edu
Keri Brondo CAS Dean's Office Faculty kbrondo@memphis.edu
Michael Brown Chemistry Faculty mabrown@memphis.edu
Bernie Daigle Biological Sciences Faculty bjdaigle@memphis.edu
Mary Earheart-Brown SUAPP Staff mrhrtbrw@memphis.edu
Latica Jones CAS Staff lmjons10@memphis.edu
Santosh Kumar Computer Science Faculty skumar4@memphis.edu
Mohamed Laradji Physics and Materials Science Faculty mlaradji@memphis.edu
Sarah Leat Social Work Faculty srrbnsn2@memphis.edu
Ray Lombardi Earth Sciences Faculty rlmbardi@memphis.edu
Duane McKenna Biological Sciences Faculty dmckenna@memphis.edu
Sanjay Mishra Physics and Materials Science Faculty srmishra@memphis.edu
James Murphy Psychology Faculty jgmurphy@memphis.edu
Susan Neely-Barnes Social Work Faculty snlybrns@memphis.edu
Suzanne Onstine History Faculty sonstine@memphis.edu
Rory Pfund Psychology Faculty rapfund@memphis.edu
Maureen Smith Psychology Staff msmth183@memphis.edu
Gary Stinchcomb Earth Sciences Faculty gstnchcm@memphis.edu