(Tigers Initiative for Gardens in Urban Settings)

Sharing with Students and Community Simple, Sustainable Agriculture through Organic Urban Gardening.

Annually funded by student Green Fees, the TIGUrS II garden shares with students, volunteers, campus staff, and the community the benefits and techniques that make for a healthy gardening and green space experience. 

We encourage your participation as a green volunteer to help further sustainable practices on our campus while gaining skills that follow you forth into whatever community you call home.

Come Discover More in YOUR Garden, located between the Pavilion and WHFB.

To learn more, contact Dr. Rebecca Cook.

Recycling Program

1. What can be recycled on campus?

  • Plastic containers and packaging with the recycling symbol.
  • Aluminum beverage containers.
  • Styrofoam packaging and containers with the recycling symbol on it.
  • Unsoiled paper products and cardboard.

2. Where can you recycle on campus?

  • In Varnell Jones there is paper, aluminum, plastic, and cardboard recycling in the break room connected to the student lounge area. There are also recycling bins on the second and third floors for paper, aluminum, and plastic.
  • There are paper recycling bins in all of the computer labs.
  • In Hyde Hall there is one recycling bin on each floor (B, 1, 2) in the hallway where you can place paper, plastic, and aluminum.
  • In the Library there are recycling bins for plastic, aluminum, and paper products.
  • In the Athletic Center there are two recycling containers in the hallway on the first floor for recycling plastic, and aluminum cans.
  • In Wilder Student Union there's collection containers on the first and basement floors.

3. What do you need to do before placing materials in the designated areas?

  • Check that plastic has a recycle symbol somewhere on it – most candy/food wrappers are not recyclable. We cannot recycle soiled paper. If it is wet or greasy please place it in the trash.
  • Rinse food and beverage containers prior to placing them in recycling bins if you have time.
  • Break down boxes before placing them in the card board recycling area in Varnell Jones lounge room

We are currently in need of a new recycling student worker! If you are interested in the position, would like more information, or would like to share your suggestions and concerns, contact Lambuthrecycle@memphis.edu