Freshmen Experiences

Frosh Camp

To learn more about this memorable student experience, visit the Frosh Camp page here. We know one thing for sure, a hundred years down the road, you'll still remember Frosh Camp!

Frosh Fusion

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Frosh Fusion WILL be making a return in 2021! Dates: August 18th-20th. Details TBA.

From the Ballpark at Jackson to the AMP, to the West Tennessee Farmers Market, to the Carl Perkins Civic Center and even the history surrounding the International Rock-A-Billy Hall of Fame and Casey Jones Village, Jackson is a unique and welcoming city.

As a more intimate program, Frosh Fusion provides first-year students with an extended orientation opportunity to learn about and become acquainted with our city. By engaging in fruitful conversations with fellow students, providing direct service in local neighborhoods and exploring what the area has to offer, Frosh Fusion is the perfect way to expose yourself to the new city you're calling home and establish yourself within your community!

Deadline to register for Frosh Fusion has been extended to August 13th.

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Frosh Frenzy

Frosh Frenzy will take place August 20th beginning at 6:00 PM. Details TBA.


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Click here for more information about the event!