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Memphis Law Listed as BEST LAW SCHOOL BUILDING in the U.S. (once again).

The University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law has (again) been ranked #1 on PreLaw magazine's list of BEST Law School Buildings in the nation in their Spring 2020 issue (found online here). This is the THIRD time that Memphis Law has taken the top spot, with a 2014 listing as having the"Best Law School Facilities" in the country, and a second stint at the top of the Spring 2018 "Best Buildings and Law School Facilities" rankings in the same publication. 

The University of Memphis School of Law has come in first place in these rankings every time preLaw has conducted them, in fact.

This year, Memphis Law took top honors in the rankings of best law school buildings in a comprehensive report that listed the top 62 law school buildings in the country. PreLaw magazine conducted a review of all of the country's law schools (over 200), looking at various sources such as staff visits, Princeton Review reports and publications, and objective data from those schools' libraries to examine square footage per student, library hours, and seats per library. PreLaw researchers also looked at various amenities available to law students at each school, with aesthetic factors accounting for 50% of the final score, as well as sustainability, parking and other factors.

The "three-peat" victory as #1 comes 10 years after the law school relocated from the main University of Memphis campus to the historic former U.S. Custom House/Courthouse/Post Office, which underwent at $42 million renovation and upgrade before the law school moved in in 2010. The historical austerity of the building, coupled with modern charms and new technology proved to be a winning combination, as Memphis Law beat out many historic and modern law school facilities alike.

"I can't say I'm surprised to have Memphis Law come in at #1 again, but it's certainly a great affirmation of what our students and downtown community feel everyday," said Dean Katharine Schaffzin. "Our law school was really ahead of the revitalization trend in downtown Memphis and we have continued to make improvements to our facility, with enhanced technology, a brand new in-house cafe, and wellness and health initiatives incorporated into our beautiful building."

You can view the complete Spring 2020 issue of PreLaw Magazine HERE.

Memphis Law is the only law school in this region to place in the top 20, and the only law school in the history of the rankings as a "three-peat" #1 award winner.