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The Tennessee Institute for Pre-Law (TIP) is an admission by performance program for Tennessee and border county residents that show potential for law school academic success and bring diversity to the next entering class.

The TIP Program consists of five weeks of classroom instruction, taught by UM professors, that simulates the first-year law school curriculum.

Applicants who are selected to participate in TIP, and successfully complete program requirements will be eligible for Fall admission to the University of Memphis School of Law.

The TIP Summer 2024 Program is tentatively scheduled to run from May 30 to July 5 at the University of Memphis School of Law​.

Please Note: Because the TIP Program begins in early June, the February 2024 LSAT is the latest test applicants should take for full consideration.  April 2024 LSAT applicants might be considered, but remaining spots will be limited at that time.​ 

The applicant must be​: 

  • A Tennessee or Border County resident (Crittendon County, AR and Desoto, Marshall, Tate and Tunica Counties in MS​ 
  • A graduating college senior or applicant who will have obtained a baccalaureate degree prior to program commencement ​ 
  • Able to demonstrate diversity by one of the following​ 
  • 1st Generation college graduate​ 
  • Foreign born or a 1st Generation US citizen​ 
  • Socioeconomically Disadvantaged​ 
  • Disability

By April 1, interested TIP Applicants must submit the University of Memphis School of Law Application and all required documentation, including your transcript(s), LSAT or GRE score, personal statement, admonitory action documentation, if any, and optional supplemental essays or addendums. Please note: GRE scores must be from the preceding five-year period. All applicants who have taken the LSAT are considered LSAT applicants even if GRE scores are submitted. 

Within your application and personal statement, you should include the way(s) in which you meet the eligibility requirements listed above (i.e., TN or border county residency and demonstrate diversity). You may also include the way(s) in which your diverse background may inspire or motivate your interest in the study of law.  

Application to TIP is optional and admission to TIP is competitive. Only a limited number of seats are available.​ 

Financial Assistance 

  • There is no fee to participate in the TIP Program. Outside employment and concurrent enrollment in an academic program is prohibited. Program participants are provided the following for the duration of the program: 
    • $1000 stipend 
    • Free parking 
    • Free wifi, printing, and e-mail access 
    • Main campus housing for non-Shelby County residents 

Notification of TIP decisions will be provided in mid-to late April.  Please contact Jacqueline O’Bryant, Interim Assistant Dean for Access & Multicultural Affairs, at (901) 678-3231 or at jmbrynt2@memphis.edu if you have any questions.