pals online clinic

The Public Action Law Society (PALS) recently held its first online pro bono clinic. The volunteer attorneys paired off with law students and assisted clients through the Online Tennessee Justice website. In this forum, clients submit questions on a variety of topics including: landlord/tenant issues, small claims court concerns, questions regarding orders of protection, conflicts involving wills, and employment discrimination problems. Once approved, attorneys can login in and pick questions from the queue and respond with information on how the person in need can proceed in court, how to find relevant case law or codes, or where to go for more assistance.

In just one hour the law students and their supervising attorneys were able to assist eighteen clients! PALS hopes to make this a yearly event.

Interested licensed attorneys can sign up at http://www.onlinetnjustice.org/ to serve at any time. Not only is it a simple was to give back, but for every five hours of time spent on the site helping answer questions an attorney can receive one hour of CLE credit.