Sarah Schnell (Class of 2021) - Advanced Elder Law Clinic

Read about Memphis Law student and Advanced Elder Law Clinic participant Sarah Schnell and her experience in the Clinic itself and the unique conservatorship case she took on as part of her work in the Clinic. CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE.

Jenna McDonald (JD '14) - Child and Family Litigation Clinic 

"This case was the most demanding, yet rewarding, case we worked on this semester. We both remember the feelings of shock and outrage we felt after first reading the petition....We were completed overwhelmed with joy, excitement, and satisfaction when the paternal grandparents received custody of the children. The Magistrate ruled in our favor and granted nearly all the relief that we requested. We were able to see the case through, from beginning to end, and leave the case with feelings of achievement and comfort that the girls will no longer suffer at the hands of their own father. The case molded our entire clinical experience and provided us with a head start into our legal careers. We are certain that we will carry memories from this case as we move on, and we are optimistic that we helped provide a much brighter future for the girls."

Aurelia Patterson (JD '15) - Child and Family Litigation Clinic 

"Working in the legal clinic has presented us with unforgettable memories and expanded our knowledge of the law tremendously. As 2Ls, we were not only able to study the law of international child abduction, but also educate other attorneys, and even the Magistrate, of the law's direct applicability to the case at hand! It is especially rewarding to know that all our hard work and research will help guide the Magistrate in a direction that will allow him to protect the children from harm at the hands of their parents, which is truly what matters the most.

This case was easily the most fascinating case that we worked on this semester. One of the challenges of this case is something we discussed extensively during case review—culture. The individuals involved in this case were from Africa and thus used to a different culture than ours. Alongside the culture gap was the language barrier.

The legal issues in this case were hands down the most intriguing part of our experience in clinic. When we were drafting our trial brief, we really had to parse the Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act, and federal and state law on female genital mutilation. Much to our surprise, these laws fit the facts of our case precisely. It was truly captivating to perform the fact/law analysis of this case and see the law play out for the exact reason that it was enacted. It was very rewarding to hear from both attorneys how well we did on the trial brief."

Eric Mogy (JD '12) - Civil Litigation Clinic 

"Working in the Civil Litigation Clinic was one of the most rewarding experiences of my law school career. Participating as a student attorney gave me the practical real world experience that you just can not get inside a regular classroom. Whether it was meeting with actual clients, negotiating with opposing counsel, or trying a case in a real court of law, each aspect helped contribute to my readiness as a lawyer once I passed the bar. The clinic also taught me the nuts and bolts of organization, which is key no matter what type of law you practice. I can honestly say that being a student attorney in the Civil Litigation Clinic was instrumental to setting me on the right path as an attorney."

Seth Guess (JD '12) - Elder Law Clinic

"Participating in the Elder Law Clinic was a highlight of my law school experience. Working directly with a client and solving real life legal problems was both challenging and rewarding. It was an excellent opportunity to put book learning into practice. For students wishing to acquire hands-on experience in a supervised setting, I thoroughly recommend taking a clinic course."

Chris Lewis (JD '12) - Elder Law Clinic

"The legal clinics are a very valuable learning tool and greatly enrich the law school experience in many ways. Two of the most valuable aspects of the clinics are the level of involvement with clients' cases and the opportunity to directly interact with clients. In the legal clinics, you get to handle all aspects of the representation. This begins with the initial interview and does not end until the case is resolved. This gives you great hands-on experience that was unparalleled in my legal education. Getting to interact and be responsible for clients' cases was another of the many great benefits of participating in the legal clinics. Filling this role while in a controlled clinic setting is something that no other law school learning opportunity can provide. That is the opportunity to try to resolve all issues in a case and if you cannot you know that there is a leader in the field of law at your side to guide you through whatever matters you cannot resolve on your own. This allows for a deeper learning experience than any law book can provide."