Experimental Psychology Program

Helen Sable , Ph.D.
Director of Experimental Psychology Graduate Program

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The purpose of the M.S./Ph.D. program in Experimental Psychology is to train highly qualified students for research and/or teaching careers in university, business, industry, and community settings. This program is designed around an apprenticeship model in which students and their major professor(s) design training plans to meet the individual student's expectations and career goals.

During the first year, all M.S./Ph.D. students participate in a course in research design and methodology; a course in statistics; and introductory courses in their specialty area. After the first year, students participate in advanced courses, seminars, and individualized research practica, which become increasingly specialized and focused. Three milestone projects are required: an empirical Masters Thesis; a Mid-Point Project which can be satisfied with several options; and an empirical Doctoral Dissertation.

In addition to working closely with a major professor, all students are expected to affiliate with at least one research group during each year and to maintain active research involvement each semester. Students are expected to take more responsibility for formulating and conducting scientific inquiries and for preparing reports for the scientific community as their training progresses.