MSGP Program Admission

Why Apply to UM MSGP?

MSGP students at The University of Memphis have the unique opportunity to learn and work alongside doctoral students. Unlike other programs, our students take the same courses, work with the same professors, and contribute to research at the same level as doctoral level students. We believe this helps to better prepare students for future academic or professional work.

Additionally, students can move through this degree track at a pace that is best for them. This flexibility allows students to prioritize course work and research experiences that best fit their interests. 

If any of this sounds like you, consider applying before May 1!

The following are criteria for admission to the MSGP program:

  1. The minimum GPA requirement is 2.5. In recent years, the average GPA of accepted applicants has been around 3.4.
  2. GRE test scores are NOT required. And should not be submitted.
  3. At least 12 semester hours of undergraduate coursework in psychology, is required. This includes a course in statistics in the behavioral sciences (or something equivalent). Students lacking this requirement may need to remedy this discrepancy prior to full admission to the program.
  4. Letters of recommendation from three people familiar with the individual's academic background and potential for graduate work are required.
  5. Admission application deadline is May 1.

NOTE: To apply to any of the Psychology Department Graduate Programs, familiarize yourself with the material at: Important Information for Applying to Psychology Graduate programs.

Things to consider before applying:

Research the faculty you think you want to work with heavily beforehand! Review their research, publications, specialties, and current interests. Reach out to faculty through email. Ask if they are planning to admit any new students in the coming fall and what you can do to stand out as an applicant. 

Explore your options! You should also consider reviewing other MA/MS programs on campus.

Applications take time! Make sure to use it!

If you are ready to apply, click here!