School Psychology Association

The School Psychology Association is organized to disseminate information about the school psychology degree programs as well as the practice of school psychology. The organization promotes positive social relationships and communication between students in the school psychology program, and it facilitates involvement in state and national professional organizations and participation in professional development activities.

School Psychology Association membership is granted upon acceptance into the school psychology degree programs. Most members of the School Psychology Association at the University of Memphis also become members of the Tennessee Association of School Psychologists (TASP) and National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and attend conferences with many expenses covered by the program directors and department funding.

School Psychology Association members are encouraged to serve on committees of interest and attend social events. Graduate students from other programs and undergraduate students are also welcome to participate in the activities of the organization. Please contact our officers or the faculty advisor by email with any questions related to School Psychology Association activities.

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School Psychology Association Officers


Niki Pike


Vice President

Kailey Thornton


Social Chair

Jordan Moreno


Service Chair

Emma Gunnett



Zoe-Ella Pearl


Faculty Advisor 

Dr. Beth Meisinger