School Psychology Program Financial Support

All PhD students are funded through the Department of Psychology by research, teaching, or clinical assistantships throughout their pre-internship training, which is typically 4 years. These assistantships require approximately 20 hours of work a week. Students with only bachelor's degrees receive a stipend of $17,000 annually for their assistantships, and those with master's (or educational specialist) degrees receive $18,000 annually. In addition, PhD students supported by assistantships through the Department of Psychology have their tuition waived. Students on assistantships are not expected to be employed in other capacities during their training. The business officer in the Department of Psychology assists students in completing contracts and provides information on specific contractual expectations, funding amounts, and payments.

A limited number of graduate assistantships through the Department of Psychology may be available to MA/EdS students. MA/EdS students typically secure assistantships through the College of Education, The Lipman Early Childhood School and Research Institute, Campus School, Disability Resources for Students, or the Graduate School. MA/EdS program applicants and current students interested in applying for a graduate assistantship are encouraged to review this Graduate School web page. Other forms of financial assistance (e.g., student loans) may be explored through the university's Office of Student Financial Aid.