Cognitive Science Colloquium Spring 2023 Semester

We meet in 405 FIT at 12:30 pm, please contact ppavlik@memphis.edu to be added to the list or propose a talk.

Mar 13
Dr. Andrew Olney
Interest Matching Effects on Reading Persistence in Adult Learners
Mar 20
Meng Cao
Exploring the Effects of Block Size and Spacing Intervals on Category Learning
Mar 27
John Hollander
3-D motion norming data for verbs
April 10
Wei Chu
What Matters in the Rate of Forgetting: Initial Learning Degree or Level of Meaningfulness? 
April 17
Colin Carmon
Automated Assessment of Initial Answers to Questions in Conversational Intelligent Tutoring Systems:
Are Contextual Embedding Models Really Better?
April 24
David Heath Article Discussion: ​Fine-grained time course of verb aspect processing
Serge Minor, Natalia Mitrofanova, Gillian Ramchand (2022)