Enrollment Verification Request

Use Self Service to request either an enrollment verification for the current term or your enrollment history, and to check on the status of your request.

  1. Select the Student page after you login to the portal (in menu bar at the top of the screen).

  2. Locate the Banner Self-Service channel and expand the Banner Self-Service --> Student --> Student Records folders (by clicking on each folder) until you find the Request Enrollment Verification link. Click on this link.

  3. The initial Enrollment Verification screen appears; definitions of the various Verification Types that are and will be available to you appear at the top of the screen. Enter your basic selections:

    Term: Select the term you want from the drop-down box.

    Verification Type: Select Pre-Term, Current Enrollment, Enrollment History, or Term Grade Report.

    Number of Copies: Specify the number you need.

    Click the Continue button.

  4. The Enrollment Verification Delivery screen appears. Select a delivery method for your verification and click the Continue button.

  5. The Address screen now appears; specify an address or a FAX number. Specify an address if your earlier requested the "Mail to" or "Hold for Pick-Up" options. You may either select one of the addresses on file for you or enter a new address.

    Note: An address is needed for "Hold for Pick-Up" because the Registrar's Office needs to mail the verification to you in case you fail to pick it up.

    Specify a FAX number if you earlier requested the FAX option.

    Click the Continue button.

  6. A summary of your enrollment verification request appears. If something is not right, go back to a previous screen and correct it; otherwise, click Submit Request.

  7. A confirmation of your request--the Signature screen--appears.

  8. Logout when you are finished using the portal.