MSGP Program Admission

The following are criteria for admission to the MSGP program:

  1. An overall undergraduate GPA of 2.5/4.0 is the minimum standard required for admission to this program. In recent years the average GPA of accepted applicants has been around 3.4.
  2. The GRE test is required. Recently, the average GRE scores for incoming MSGP students have been 155 Verbal and 152 Quantitative. A minimum score of 145 Verbal and 141 Quantitative is required.
  3. At least 12 semester hours of undergraduate coursework in psychology, (including a course in statistics in the behavioral sciences) is required. Students lacking this requirement may be required to remedy this discrepancy prior to full admission to the program.
  4. Letters of recommendation from three people familiar with the individual's academic background and potential for graduate work are required.
  5. Meeting minimum requirements does not ensure admission into the program. The number of students admitted varies each year as a function of several departmental circumstances.
  6. Admission to the M.S. in General Psychology program does not require a student to take any minimum number of credits per semester. The only constraint upon the pace at which the student pursues the degree is that credits more than six years old may not be counted toward the degree.
  7. Admission application deadline is May 1.