MSGP Program Goals

The M.S. Program in General Psychology (MSGP) has several goals and objectives. In order to aid students in attaining these goals the MSGP program has been designed with maximum flexibility.

  1. Selection of Specialty Study in Psychology. While the MSGP program is ideally suited to provide superior undergraduates with basic foundation courses in psychology, it is sufficiently unstructured to allow students to receive experience across a number of areas both within and outside of psychology. The goal of the program for these students is to provide experience in different subspecialties in psychology in order to aid them in selecting a specific area of concentration which will serve as the focus for their application to PhD. programs.
  2. Opportunity to Enhance their Record. Another goal is to provide graduate training for students who are above average but who have not been accepted into the graduate Ph.D. program of their choice. These students are provided an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in a graduate program and to acquire research experience which will increase their chances for selection into a PhD program.
  3. Training to Function at the Masters Level. Another group consists of those students who wish to acquire sufficient training to allow them to function at the masters level in such areas as psychological examiner, industrial/organizational, research, etc.
  4. Determination of Interest in Advanced Training. Finally, the general masters program allows some students to determine whether they have the motivation to make the commitment for an advanced degree.