MSGP Required Courses

Students in the General Psychology program must complete a total approved program of 33 credit hours if the student elects to do a thesis, or 36 credit hours if the student chooses a Specialty Review Paper instead of a thesis.

Take each of the Following:

  • 7301 Research Design or equivalent (3 hrs)
  • 7302 Statistics or equivalent (3 hrs)

Take two of the Following:

  • 7000 Issues in General Psychology (3 hrs)
  • 7207 Developmental Psychology (3 hrs)
  • 7222 Human Memory (3 hrs)
  • 7217 Social Psychology (3 hrs)
  • 7219 Social and Personality Development (3 hrs)
  • 7412 Psychopathology (3 hrs)
  • 7416 Child Psychology (3 hrs)
  • 7440 Behavioral Medicine (3 hrs)
  • 7701 Neuropsychology I (3 hrs)
  • 7705 Neuropsychopharmacology (3 hrs)
  • 7800 Introduction to School Psychology (3 hrs)

A program of courses will be selected in keeping with these goals. This proposed program of courses for each student must be approved by the MSGP coordinator & the student's faculty advisor. Courses which fit these goals and objectives may be in Psychology or other departments in the university.

Each semester student grades will be reviewed and added to the student record. At the end of each year students will be required to turn a progress form, signed by their faculty advisor, stating their accomplishments and intentions for the following year.

The following evaluation procedure will be employed:

  1. It is expected that the student will have demonstrated a satisfactory level of performance as specified in the Graduate Program Handbook provided by the Department of Psychology. Students who are not in good academic standing must institute an appeal with supporting letters to the Coordinator and M.S. in General Psychology Committee for consideration of continuance in the program. Such cases will be considered on an individual basis.
  2. Students who encounter academic difficulties (grades of C or low GPA) will be reviewed at the end of each semester that this is a problem.
  3. Procedures for C or low GPA will be handled according to the guidelines for all graduate students.

NOTE: Students may accrue credits at any rate they wish, with the exception that credits more than 6 years old cannot count toward the degree.