Common Holds

These are the administrative holds you are most likely to encounter. Why explains why the hold was placed and, when appropriate, gives you a link to a fuller explanation. Contact tells you which office to contact about removing the hold.

Only the office that placed the hold can remove it.

ASR Purge

Draft Registration

  • Why?  Admissions requires proof of your Selective Service registration. Males born January 1, 1960 or later must register with the Selective Service System.
  • Contact:  Admissions

Final HS Transcript

  • Why?  Admissions has not received your final high school transcript for evaluation. You cannot be fully admitted and register until your transcript has been evaluated.
  • Contact:  Admissions

Grad Probation

  • Why?  Your academic status requires that you contact your academic advisor before being allowed to register.
  • Contact:  Academic Department Directory

Hepatitis B or Meningitis

High School Deficiency

Intl Hlth Insurance


  • Why?  You were granted a waiver for supplying documentation of two Measles immunizations. However, the waiver period has expired; thus, you cannot register, add, or drop until you supply the required documentation to Student Health Services. See Immunization / MMR for more information on this hold and the steps to take to remove it.
  • Contact:  Student Health Center

Non-Degree Agreement

Official College Transcript

  • Why?  Admissions has not received your transcript(s) from your previous institution(s) for evaluation. You cannot be fully admitted and register until your transcript(s) have been evaluated.
  • Contact:  Admissions

Outstanding Accts Rec

  • Why?  You owe the University money. You have not satisfied all fees and fines. You will not be allowed to register for the upcoming term, view grades, request an official transcript, or perform a degree audit until your fees/fines have been satisfied.
  • Contact:  Bursar's Office

PPD or TB Screen

Returned Check - AR

  • Why?  Your wrote a check to the University that was refused for insufficient funds.
  • Contact:  Bursar's Office

Student Conduct

  • Why?  You must be cleared by the Office of Student Conduct before you can be readmitted or register.
  • Contact:  Student Conduct