2017 Faculty Research Grant Awards

Humanities SRS Proposals

  • Sharon Stanley* U.S. Post-Racialism and Brazilian Racial Democracy in Comparative Perspective POLI
  • Ivan Ortega-Santos An Assessment of Data Collection Methods in Syntactic Theory: The View from Spanish FLL
  • Carey Mickalites Allegories of the Twentieth Century: History and Politics in Contemporary British Fiction ENGL

Natural Sciences EFS Proposals

  • Nicholas W Simon Modeling Addiction Vulnerability with a Rat Risky Decision-making Task PSYC
  • Nathan DeYonker Rigorous, Rational, and Reproducible Computational Enzyme Models CHEM
  • Thang Ba Hoang Plasmon-assisted Förster resonance energy transfer in hybrid organic/inorganic nanomaterials PHYS

Social Sciences SRS Proposals

  • Rebecca Adams Language learning across modalities of CMC ENGL
  • Stephen Watts Examining Predictors of Non-Fatal Gun Victimization CJUS

Social Sciences EFS Proposals

  • Michael Sances American City Elections Study POLI
  • Laura Saija The Simeto River Agreement (SRA) and the Quest for Democratizing Development PLAN
  • Idia Thurston The Impact of Stress and Resilience on Obesity-Related Metabolic Complications in Adolescents PSYC
  • Micah Trapp School Lunch: Assessing the Nourishing Impact of Food Entitlement Programs ANTH